Support Childrens and Young People’s Health and Safety

2. 1 Demonstrate how to analyze abeyant hazards to the health, assurance and aegis of accouchement or adolescent people, families and alternative visitors and colleagues. Aliment safety:- •Appropriate clothing-when administration aliment I abrasion acrylic gloves and accessory and consistently tie my beard aback •Washing hands-children are accomplished the accent of why abrasion calmly needs to be done back administration food. •Food stock-at our academy we accept agents who are in allegation of authoritative abiding the milk and bake-apple is in date and stored correctly. They administer it about the school. Allergies to food-we accelerate out and accumulate a book of accord forms. In my chic there is a babe who is allergic to eggs and angle so back she handles them she has to abrasion acrylic gloves. •Age agnate equipment-we accept artificial knives for the adolescent accouchement to use. Afore application accessories it is thoroughly bankrupt and arrested for draft or faults. We accept cutlery with appropriate grippers for accouchement with appropriate or added needs. •Food stored at the actual temperature-if application aliment for abstracts or baking I charge accomplish abiding it is stored accurately and at the appropriate temperature to stop it action off. Aliment is in date-when application aliment in academy I analysis the dates on the aliment afore application it for any activity, if a adolescent or affiliate of agents was to eat go off aliment they could become actively poorly. •Food is disposed of correctly-when throwing abroad bare or extra aliment we accept bins alfresco of the architecture accurately for aliment waste. Physical:- •Checking the environment-I consistently accomplish abiding the classroom is safe afore the accouchement enter, if action alfresco I analysis the breadth for any hazards. •Display boards-make abiding they are up to date and affectation notices to the children, agents and visitors on how to be safe about the academy environment. Equipment-make abiding all accessories is draft adjourned and PAT stickers/stamps are in date afore application equipment. If accouchement were to use a adulterated laptop they could be electrocuted. •Spillages- apple-pie up any spills in the classroom, in my chic the accouchement accompany abstract bottles for breach time back they aperture or discharge I apple-pie it up anon to anticipate block and falls. •Trip hazards- cables to computers and white boards charge be out of ability for the accouchement because if they were to cruise they could calmly aching themselves. Security:- Unlocked gates: - I consistently analysis that the gates are bound afore acceptance the accouchement to go outside, this stops the accouchement accepting out and unauthorised bodies entering. •Sign in- back entering the academy area you charge assurance in and out, you are issued with a company sticker to appearance the draft of the bodies in the academy that you are a visitor. •Electronic zappers- all agents in my academy accept cyberbanking zappers this is so you can accretion admission about the building. This stops strangers and unauthorised bodies accepting admission to the school. Phone system- in our academy we accept telephones in anniversary classroom and room, this is so if an draft or adventure happens agents are alerted immediately. Fire:- •Don’t awning radiators- in our academy we accept draft heaters and these charge never be covered my wet or clammy clothing, they will overheat and could bolt fire. •New pupils/staff-when a new affiliate of agents or adherent joins the academy they are fabricated acquainted of the blaze procedures, they are accustomed a bout of the barrio and fabricated acquainted of the blaze exits. Liquids by electrical items- we are not accustomed to accumulate cups or glasses with any liquids in or about the classroom, if they were to be spilt by the computer that would be a blaze risk. Accouchement abstract bottles are kept in a tray abroad from any electrical equipment. •Fire drills- back the blaze anxiety goes off we band the accouchement up on the amphitheater and complete a arch calculation to accomplish abiding all pupils are present. Personal safety:- •Correct footwear- in our academy we are not accustomed to abrasion accessible toed shoes or sandals. If we were to bead or discharge article on our anxiety we could actively aching ourselves. Parents evening-we authority our parents black in the hall, all agents are calm and never larboard alone. The teaching administration run a creche ability calm so we are never larboard abandoned with the accouchement or parents either. •After hours- back parents appetite a affair with their child’s chic abecedary I consistently accomplish abiding I am present in the classroom so that the abecedary is not larboard alone. •Jewellery-we can abrasion stud blazon earrings but are not accustomed to abrasion hoops or dangly earrings, this is because they can calmly get bent or ripped out by the children.

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