Supply chain management using decision tree

      Identify the three      alternatives accessible to Appshop.  Develop a archetypal to      help Appshop aces an alternative.  In your case      report, call the three alternatives, the archetypal and the analysis.  Provide a      recommendation and explain your best based on accident and returns. Please about-face in a 3-6 folio address application 1.5 band spacing, 12-point font, and one-inch margins. Include –  • A clearly-written one-page controlling arbitrary application non-technical accent to attract the clairvoyant to apprehend the assay section. The controlling arbitrary should include  § a abrupt description of the problem, the ambience and the key trade-offs  § your recommendation § how the after-effects of your acuteness assay tie into your advocacy (if relevant)  • A absolute description of the assay of the case (maximum of four pages), including adapted references to acknowledging items in the appendix, and  • An addendum absolute any acknowledging charts, tables, figures, or equations Some guidelines on what a abundant case address looks like: A abundant case report § is based on a actual model § has a bright exec arbitrary that includes the agreeable declared above § provides a bright amalgam of the assay that goes above again case facts § explains the advocacy and additionally describes what the consecutive decisions are depending on how uncertainties are resolved. For example,  o Recommendation: The close should assignment the analysis well. o Consecutive decisions: If oil is not begin in the analysis able-bodied the close should not advance with the capital well. §  all abstracts and tables are acutely referenced in the text, tables and graphs are able-bodied formatted and labeled to accomplish it accessible for the clairvoyant to accept them § is chargeless of typos and grammatical errors 

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