Supply Chain Case Study of JY Books

Executive Summary JY Books Sdn Bhd is a book administrator that is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and publishes specialty books on the capacity of Chinese Metaphysics and Geomancy (referred to as Feng Shui). They are primarily complex in publishing books by their architect Joey Yap, although they do additionally broadcast books by another up and advancing Chinese Metaphysics practitioners. Our assay of their Accumulation Alternation Administration focused on the key areas of acceptable accumulation alternation administration and additionally assessing the accident factors to their accepted accumulation chain. In the advance of our study, we apparent that a cardinal of key accumulation alternation issues presented an befalling to change the accepted business focus/model. In its accepted state, JY Books’ accumulation alternation is accessible to accumulation alternation risks that can accept a paralyzing concise aftereffect on their business. Their accumulation alternation practices are additionally not in-line with a acceptable accumulation alternation archetypal (Linton, Klassen & Jayaraman, 2007) and aftereffect in a greater than all-important carbon footprint. Our abstraction articular that switching to a accumulation alternation archetypal that is added vested in a agenda thrust, with E-Books basic a key allotment of JY Books’ artefact offerings, would abode both issues of a acceptable accumulation chain, as able-bodied as abate the inherent accident in the accepted accumulation chain. This alteration could additionally be implemented absolutely quickly, with actual little disruption to the accepted accumulation alternation and at a basal amount for potentially bigger abiding profitability. Table of Contents Executive Summary2 Table of Contents3 1. Introduction4 2. Accumulation Alternation Map & Description5 3. Accumulation Alternation Issues Reviewed7 4. Conclusion& Recommendations9 References11 INTRODUCTION JY Books Sdn Bhd is a bounded book administrator that specialises in Chinese Metaphysics books. We accept undertaken a Accumulation Alternation map of the accomplished process, starting with the conceptualizing of the book, to the writing, editing, architecture and final publishing; mapping out the assorted amount abacus accomplish alternating the accumulation chain. The purpose of our abstraction is to appraise the sustainability practices of the accepted accumulation chain, as able-bodied as reviewing the abeyant disruption risks to the accumulation chain. Our abstraction of acceptable accumulation alternation administration practices will be bound to Environmental Purchasing (Zailani et al. 2012 p. 332) and acceptable administration of the final product, as these areas present the best appulse area the publishing of books is concerned. Disruption to the accumulation alternation will accede both Autogenous ambiguity as able-bodied as Exogenous ambiguity (Trkman & McCormack, p.249), as both of these may accept a actual appulse on the accumulation chain. However, for the exogenous uncertainties, we will bind our considerations to connected risks rather than confusing contest (e.g. accustomed disasters, riots), as these are added accordant accustomed the business ambiance in Malaysia and the attributes of JY Books’ business. This abstraction was undertaken by interviewing the organisation’s advisers and stakeholders anon amenable for anniversary action in the accumulation chain, as able-bodied as the alien suppliers of JY Books anon complex in abacus amount to the process. SUpply CHain Map – JY Books As we know, best accumulation chains activate with the raw actual inputs; in this case the antecedent raw actual is animal basic in the way of accountable knowledge. The accepted accumulation alternation at JY Books activate with establishing the concept of the book; alive calm with the columnist to analyze the accountable amount and appellation of the book. Already this becomes an accustomed concept, the columnist afresh begins assignment on the aboriginal arrangement of the book. The aboriginal abstract of the arrangement is afresh anesthetized on to a committed editor, who will adapt and clarify the book, afore casual it aback to the Columnist for added enhancements. This action may crave a few drafts aback and alternating afore the accomplished abstract of the book. The accomplished book arrangement is now beatific to the Graphic Architecture Department, area the cartoon are amid into the accordant sections. The argument alternating with the cartoon is now put calm in a able book blueprint and a cartoon put together. This cartoon is as abutting to the final artefact as possible, so that the Columnist may analysis the accomplished book, accommodate added inputs on the cartoon and accomplish refinements area appropriate to the awning and book jacket. Already finalized, the book is now beatific via agenda archetype to the alien printers, alternating with all the accordant capacity including quantity, size, cardboard blazon and blazon of binding. These printers are an alien supplier and not allotment of JY Books. At the aforementioned time, depending on the book, the final archetype may be beatific on to the Multimedia Department, to be adapted into an E-Book. This E-Book will be loaded up assimilate and for absolute acquirement by barter who would be attractive to get the agenda adaptation of the book. The printed books are afresh delivered to the JY Books Acumen Center, which houses them in their barn above-mentioned to distribution. These books are afresh beatific on assignment to the two primary book distributors; Cico Books for All-embracing Administration and MPH Distributors for administration aural Malaysia and Singapore. Cico Books will afresh administer these books to All-embracing bookstores about the world, while MPH Distributors will accumulation these books to MPH Bookstores and another bounded bookstores such as Popular, Kinokuniya and abate specialty bookstores. Consumers may additionally airing into the JY Books Acumen Center and anon acquirement the books, bypassing the bookstores. However, as this ability is abandoned bound to Kuala Lumpur, the bounded ability of this administration is restricted. In the about-face accumulation alternation portion, there are two key activities that move alternating the accumulation chain. The aboriginal is the acknowledgment of acceptable and the added is advice actuality anesthetized aback to JY Books. As books are accustomed on assignment to MPH Distributors and advanced to the bookstores, unsold books are returned to the JY Books Acumen Center. Feedback on the book is acute to key improvements in the added press of the book, consumers can acquaintance JY Books anon to accommodate them with comments and criticism, as able-bodied any errors in the book. SUpply CHain ISSUES Assessing the accepted accumulation chain, a cardinal of issues were identified. We bound our ambit to the sustainability of the accumulation alternation for JY Books as able-bodied as the abeyant risks inherent in the accepted accumulation alternation model. Sustainability of the Accumulation Chain The Blooming Press Action (2008) abstraction articular that cardboard use is the key contributor to blooming abode emissions, for book publishers, so we began our abstraction there. Our abstraction articular that the accepted books appear by JY Books are printed on a appropriate blazon of cardboard that does not arise from recycled cardboard or renewable sources. Furthermore, books that accept a bound shelf activity (Annual Books) and are alternate from the distributors are disposed of in accepted refuse, rather than recycled. Accustomed that the carbon brand for anniversary book is estimated to be “in the arena of 2.71 kg CO2-eq” (Well, J et al 2012 p.212), this is a austere check ensuring a blooming accumulation chain. Interviews with the acumen administration at JY Books put the cardinal at a amazing 30,000 books that end up actuality ‘wastage’ every year. This contributes to about 813 tonnes of carbon dioxide agnate (CO2-eq). The accepted administration adjustment for the books; from the printers to the JY Books Acumen Center is additionally not the best efficient. Printed books are beatific to the barn at JY Books, afore actuality re-distributed to the Bounded and All-embracing Distributors. As such, the amount of busline afresh adds to the abrasion of the accumulation chain’s sustainability. Supply Alternation Accident Assessment Analysing the accepted accumulation chain, it’s accessible that there exists two primary risks aural the accumulation alternation – that if addressed correctly, could advance to above allowances for JY Books. The aboriginal accident is autogenous in nature; JY Books abandoned uses ONE distinct alien printer to book all their books. As declared by Davis, T (1993, p.35), actual adjustment achievement and market analysis can advice adumbrate appeal but with ever-shortening artefact life-cycles, this action “is a little added than a attempt in the dark”. It is bright that should appeal for a accurate book increase, JY Books accepted printer (a almost baby enterprise) would not be able to cope, arch to absent sales. The added accident is in the accumulation of the appropriate cardboard JY Books uses. In accession to actuality abstinent pulpsheet (non-recycled paper), there exists abandoned one all-embracing supplier of this different paper, consistent in abnormally continued advance times in acclimation this cardboard in adjustment to ensure acceptable supply. One another accident articular was the alteration bazaar trends appear E-Books rather than concrete books. The bound ability of JY Books’ accepted Multimedia Team do not acquiesce for all their titles to be adapted into E-Books, consistent in abounding titles actuality accessible abandoned as concrete copies. COnclusion & Recommendations Greening the Accumulation Alternation & Abbreviation Accumulation Alternation Risks A abstraction by Rao, P (2002 p.645) begin that “consumers in Asia are absurd to pay added for a artefact bogus application environmentally affable processes”, as such, any move to ‘green’ JY Books’ accumulation alternation will charge to be cost-effective, after casual on costs to the consumer. It is recommended that JY Books accede affective appear postconsumer recycled paper. Not abandoned would this be a cheaper another to the accepted cardboard actuality used, recycled cardboard is additionally accepted to be cheaper. The Blooming Press Action (2008) estimates that this abandoned could abate blooming abode gas emissions by 37% for JY Books. This would additionally abate the accepted accumulation alternation accident of actuality barnacle on a distinct supplier for cardboard that is in bound supply. A abridgement in captivation costs would additionally accumulate to JY Books, as they would no best charge to advance ample volumes of cardboard inventory. In accession to abacus added suppliers for their press needs, a added action should be to assignment carefully with the accepted printer and book distributors, to accumulate the administration of printed books. Rather than accepting to carriage the books twice; already to the JY Books warehouse, afresh to the distributors, the printer can anon bear the printed books to the distributors as required. This will crave added investments, to ensure a added cellophane accumulation chain, area the printer would be able to liaise anon with the book distributors depending on the appeal for alone book titles. In accession to a added blooming accumulation alternation as a aftereffect of bargain logistics, the accumulation in bargain account actuality carried, as able-bodied as abbreviation JY Books acumen overheads would construe into a bigger basal line. JY Books should additionally focus on the about-face breeze of the accumulation chain; a recycling affairs should be instituted with the distributors to abode the affair of unsold books that accept gone accomplished their shelf-life. By recycling these books instead of appointment them to the landfill, JY Books will be able to abate their carbon footprint, while allowance their suppliers compensate some acquirement from these recycled books (in Malaysia, recycling companies pay for recycled material). It is additionally recommended that JY Books move appear a agenda belvedere for all book titles, advance added in technology to acquiesce book titles to automatically be adapted to a agenda architecture and awash as E-Books. This will not abandoned abate the amount of anniversary book, advance margins and abate blooming abode gas emissions, this will additionally anon abode the affair of capricious demand, with E-Books actuality accessible to baby to added appeal immediately. The move appear a greater assurance on E-Books will serve as a game-changer for JY Books. As proposed by KPMG (1998) in their abstraction “Unlocking the Accumulation Chain’s Hidden Prize”, not abandoned does it abode the growing bazaar appeal for E-books, but this action additionally reduces JY Books’ annex on their suppliers, while convalescent margins and acceptance them to abstain issues of crowd and wastage. A accelerating alteration from acceptable album books to E-books, will additionally see a above contributions appear a added acceptable accumulation chain. references Gardner, John T. & Cooper, Martha. 2003, “Strategic Accumulation Alternation Mapping Approaches.” Journal of Business Logistics. Vol 24. No. 2 pp 37-57. Suhaiza Zailani, Jeyaraman K, Vengadasan G, & Premkumar R 2012, “Sustainable Accumulation Alternation Administration (SSCM) in Malaysia: A survey” All-embracing Journal of Production Economics 140 pp. 330–340 KPMG 1998, “The UK Book Industry: Unlocking the Accumulation Chain’s Hidden Prize” The Publishers Association Linton, Jonathan D., Klassen, R. & Jayaraman, V 2007, “Sustainable Accumulation Chains: An Introduction” Journal of Operations Administration Vol 25 pp. 1075–1082 Trkman, P & McCormack, K 2009, “Supply Alternation Accident in Turbulent Environments — A Conceptual Archetypal for Managing Accumulation Alternation Network Risk” All-embracing Journal of Production Economics Vol 119 pp. 247–258 Tummala, R & Schoenherr, T 2011, “Assessing and Managing Risks application the Accumulation Alternation Accident Administration Action (SCRMP)” Accumulation Alternation Management: An All-embracing Journal Vol 16 No. 6 pp. 474–483 Rao, P 2002, “Greening the Accumulation Chain: A New Action in South East Asia” All-embracing Journal of Operations & Production Administration Vol 22 No.6, pp. 632-655 Diaz-Madronero, M, Mula, J & Poler, R 2012, “Sustainable Accumulation Alternation Administration in the Book Publishing sector” Brazilian Journal of Operations & Production Administration Vol 9, No.2 2012 pp39-50 “Reducing Climate Impacts: A Guide for the Book and Newspaper Industries” Blooming Press Initiative, 2008 Wells,J, Boucher, J, Laurent,A & Villeneuve, C 2012, “Carbon Brand Assessment of a Album Book” Journal of Industrial Ecology Vol 16 No.2 pp.212 – 222 Croxton, Keely L., Garcia-Dastugue, Sebastian J., Lambert, Douglas M, Rogers, Dale S. 2001, “The Accumulation Alternation Administration Processes” The All-embracing Journal of Acumen Management, Vol 12 No.2 pp.13 – 36 Davis, Tom 1993, “Effective Accumulation Alternation Management”. Sloan Administration Review. 34.4 p.35 Kleindorfer, Paul R. & Saad, Germaine H. 2005, “Managing Disruption Risks in Accumulation Chains” Production and Operations Administration Society Vol. 14, No. 1, pp. 53–68 Marshall, L 2011 “Greening the Accumulation Chain” ColoradoBiz Vol. 38, No.3, pp.22-25 Abbasi, M & Nilsson, F 2012 “Themes and challenges in authoritative accumulation chains environmentally sustainable” Accumulation Alternation Management: An All-embracing Journal Volume 17, No. 5 pp.517–530 Dyllick, T & Hockerts, K 2002 “Beyond The Business Case For Corporate Sustainability” Business Action and the Ambiance Vol 11 pp. 130-141 Cairns, M 2003 “Building an Intelligent Publishing Accumulation Chain” RR Bowker

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