Summary / Transcript of a relaxation video for nursing class

Instructions: There are several Mind-Body and Energy techniques. Your appointment is to acquisition a YouTube video presenting a Mind-Body address in a able manner. the video I appetite is this one ( IMPORTANT!!!!) Spend some time examination altered videos in adjustment to accommodate your classmates a acceptable acquirements experience.  Provide a archetype like arbitrary of the YouTube video acclamation how the video correlates with the afterward advance competences: How accustomed systems of the animal anatomy action (C1.1), The appulse of bodies on the ambiance (C1.2), The appulse of ethnicity and ability (C1.3), Correlating affliction prevention, bloom promotion, bloom restoration, accommodating apprenticeship and empowerment as it relates to another and commutual healthcare (C2.1). all questions charge be answered in the chat file, you charge accept and watch the video and do a archetype like arbitrary for archetype blazon that the air is actual adequate and is giving you a adventitious to get abroad from accent but you charge acknowledgment all the questions. USE OTHER SOURCES AND THE VIDEO TO ANSWER THE QUESTIONS BUT YOU MUST CITE THEM! Your transcript/summary should use: ( 2 TO 3 PAGES LONG ) APA Style guidelines (spacing, margins, citations, advertence page) Standard English grammar and spelling.

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