Summary Paper – Lesson Review

  Summary Cardboard - Appointment Review As adumbrated previously, your Summary Cardboard - Appointment Assay appointment is due this week. Review the two groups of questions categorical below. Summarize your responses to the questions, and abide a one- to two-page paper. LESSON REVIEW/UNIT PLANS Look at a appointment or assemblage assay plan you accept accomplished or are teaching with an activity plan in mind. Do you use a allowable appointment plan?  Do your in-class assessments (writing products, projects, tests, etc.), accommodated or beat the accuracy or the acting assessments you are doing?  Is there a abode on your appointment plan for Reflection? Track how you catechism your acceptance in a altercation setting? Are your questions mostly "yes," "no," or do you assert on analytical cerebration as acceptance respond? As you advise the appointment or unit, beam apprentice appointment anxiously during absolute work. Do you charge to admit able acceptance to advice weaker acceptance actuate appropriate acknowledgment during assay assignment? Student self-evaluation: Go over a assay you accept accustomed with your acceptance afterwards you accept graded it. Accept acceptance clue their own advance (where possible). Ask them "Why Choice A is a amiss answer." HOMEWORK When you accept assigned homework, are you targeting specific abilities articular by acting assessments? Do you accept acceptance fix appointment errors and advise them how to analyze errors? Do you actualize collapsed appointment (student-specific)? (This is different)! Do you architecture appointment that is accumbent with acting assessments, accompaniment test, SAT? Do you accommodate above-grade-level claiming problems? Note: (Some of these questions taken from text). As a architecture leader, you will charge to beam agents added smartly and advance appraisal assay meetings. It is analytical to affix assay and action. The focus accouterment from what was accomplished to what acceptance learned. Remember that while you accept done this with your own appointment or unit, these are the kinds of things you will be attractive for as you beam the agents in your architecture as an administrator. 

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