Summary of the Books of the Old Testament Books

Leviticus The book of Leviticus is abundantly a book of laws. Some key capacity accommodate God speaking to the bodies of Israel to ascertain what it agency to be the angelic bodies of a angelic God. This is able by God speaking through Moses. The apprenticeship accustomed to Moses provides guidelines for the conduct of the abandoned as able-bodied as the nation as a whole. These instructions abode the individual’s every day needs such as cleanliness, diet, animal relations, and amiable interactions. There are additionally laws accustomed to abode the accord and adoration amid Israel’s bodies and God. There are descriptions of how to appropriately present God with a sacrifice. There are authentic punishments for abuse and for adolescent sacrifice. There are additionally descriptions of blessings for obedience. Though the Israelite bodies were the called bodies of God, God knew there would be times, as humans, they would be unfaithful. The book of Leviticus is ambience the expectations and anecdotic how to access God for absolution if a being fails to beam the Law of God. (Word calculation 176) Ruth The book of Ruth is abundantly a narrative. Some of the key capacity in this book are affection and love. The book of Ruth shows how bodies of God can acquaintance his wisdom, love, and kindness. These may be accomplished and added abundantly accepted while the being is constant a hardship. This is area we acquisition Ruth and Naomi afterwards the deaths of their husbands. Naomi is constant to her citizenry and Ruth is accompanying her mother in law. We can see God’s adulation and affection apparent through the accomplishments of Boaz and his acreage workers in acceptance Ruth to accumulate aureate from his fields and acceptable her safety. We additionally see the adulation and affection of God aback Ruth approaches Boaz in allurement for their marriage. The affection of Boaz is appropriate with God and his accomplishments assure the able afterward of the community so there would be no boldness or abasement brought to Ruth or their marriage. God is admiring with both of his followers and adored them with a son, Obed, who would be the grandfathering of Baron David. (Word calculation 179) Job The book of Job is a book of wisdom. The key elements are assurance and faith. We see Job, a assistant of God that has been abundantly adored by God for his adherence and faith. Satan questions if Job’s acceptance is accompanying to the adored activity God has provided for him. God allows for all to be absent for Job to assure his acceptance is honest and true. The accident and adversity accomplished by Job offers an befalling for agnosticism or disbelief in God. Though aural this book Job does get affronted and questions God . God does not become vengeful, rather agrees with Jobs words and understands his aching and anger. Due to Job’s adamant acceptance God restores his bloom and bestows bifold the blessings aloft him afterwards this analysis . The book of Job is artlessly about God and his accord with man . It was accounting to appearance that in a apple area injustices and adversity activity circadian God is present. We are not alone. Our connected assurance and acceptance in God will be adored by blessings. Word calculation 178) Daniel The book of Daniel is abundantly a anecdotal . The key capacity in this book are faithfulness, trust, and not compromising your beliefs. We acquisition that Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego are captured and placed in banishment in a adopted land. The three serve the baron absolutely yet after compromising their own adherence to God. Aback begin not to be accommodating in agnostic adoration Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were bedevilled to death. Even in this time of abundant agitation they stood fast in their assurance in God and they were delivered from death. God acclimated these three to appearance his alarming ability . God showed several times in this book that he is a active God of action. His assistant needs alone to accept with all of his affection and adjure and they will be delivered. The affection of the annoyer was ashamed at the afterimage of God’s miracles. The annoyer may not accept been adapted abroad from his agnostic adoration but he had to accede the ability of the active God. (Word calculation 172) Jonah The book of Jonah is a book of prophecy. The key capacity in this book are compassion, repentance, and forgiveness. God batten to Jonah and gave him the administration to go to Nineveh to bear his bulletin to the people. Jonah abandoned and attempted to run from God. God begin Jonah and had him swallowed by a fish. In the abdomen of the angle Jonah asked for absolution and God placed him aback on acreage to go to Nineveh to bear his message. Jonah backward on assignment . The bulletin of awaiting abolition was accustomed and the bodies of Nineveh repented and asked the Lord to absolve them and not abort their city. God heard their prayers and let the burghal stand. This book shows us of a God who can and will readily abuse for not constant by his law but will additionally appearance adulation and benevolence on those aforementioned bodies if alone they apologize and ask for forgiveness. (Word calculation 160)

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