1) Summary of “New Breed in North America” New Breed in North America by John Mikulecky Hundreds of altered breed of plants and animals accept accustomed in the United States. This cardinal has added abundantly as all-embracing biking and business accept increased. Some of these new “residents” accept acquired problems for agronomics or for the environment. The Mediterranean bake-apple fly, for example, accustomed in California on some alien bake-apple in the 1970s. In its aboriginal home in the Mediterranean area, it had never acquired abundant damage. In California, however, it assorted actual quickly. Soon the California bake-apple industry was in trouble. The government had to booty austere measures, including application lots of chemicals to try to annihilate the flies. However, they accept not managed to get rid of the fly altogether. The adjudicator mollusk is addition archetype of an beastly that has afresh acclimatized in North America. This baby mollusk was aboriginal apparent in the Great Lakes in 1986. It may accept appear over from Russia on a burden ship. In a actual few years adjudicator mussels had advance over all the Great Lakes and into abounding important rivers. They accept developed into blubbery masses, accoutrement abounding areas of lakes or river bottoms. They accept additionally covered and bankrupt up pipes for ability stations and baptize analysis centers. Government admiral say that the mussels accept acquired abounding millions of dollars account of damage. Sometimes the accident acquired by an immigrant breed is not assessable in dollars. It may not abuse us directly, but it may change the environment. And that may account problems for the plants or animals that were active there before. Loosestrife is a bulb that came to North America some time in the 19th century. It may accept been agitated as seeds on the aback of some sheep from Europe. Or addition may accept brought the seeds to bulb in their garden. In any case, loosestrife now grows forth rivers and lakes all over North America. It is a appealing plant, with a amethyst or blush flower. But back a lot of loosestrife grows in one place, alternative plants cannot abound there. The birds and baby animals that depend on those alternative plants cannot break there, either. As loosestrife spreads, they may accept agitation award any abode to live, and they may activate to disappear. 2)Summary of “Mass Incarceration for Dealers and Users” Mass Incarceration for Dealers and Users Some aloof agitate their active and say that if we can’t stop the drugs from advancing in, we at atomic can lock up the dealers and users. But there are so abounding dealers and users that we don’t accept abundant jails and prisons to lock them up. Accede these statistics: Several actor Americans use cocaine anniversary year, while alternative millions use heroin, hallucinogens, barbiturates, and inhalants. During aloof the accomplished month, about 13 actor Americans smoked marijuana. How could we possibly lock all of these bodies up? How abounding dealers does it booty to accumulation aloof the marijuana smokers? If anniversary banker has 25 customers, there are a bisected actor dealers. And accede this: To body one bastille corpuscle costs about $100,000. To accumulate one bedfellow bound up for one year costs a minimum of $25,000. If we were activity to lock up aloof the biologic dealers, area would we get the money? If we put two biologic dealers in a cell, a bisected actor new beef would run $50 billion. It would again amount addition $25 billion a year to accumulate those actor bodies in prison. Not yet mentioned is the actuality that there are bodies cat-and-mouse in band to booty the places of dealers who are arrested. Get rid of one dealer, and two action to booty his or her place.

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