⁞ Instructions Choose alone ONE of the afterward options beneath and, in your post, address a digest that avoids appropriation of the branch you accept chosen. Your digest can be as continued as the extract you accept chosen, but should not alike any delivery from the excerpt. If you must, you can adduce up to three words in a phrase. When you are done announcement your paraphrase, acknowledgment to at atomic one classmate’s paraphrase, commenting on what s/he has done able-bodied and what s/he can advance with the wording. Your acknowledgment should be accounting in no beneath than 75 words. Choose to digest ONE of the excerpts below: Option 1 Morrison began writing Sula in 1969, a time of abundant activism among African Americans and others who were animate against equal civil rights and opportunities. The book addresses issues of racism, bigotry, and abolishment of African Americans; it depicts the anguish bodies feel aback they can't get appropriate jobs, and the assurance of some to survive. Eva, for example, cuts off her leg in adjustment to get money to accession her family. Morrison shows how, faced with racist situations, some bodies had to abase to whites artlessly to get by, as Helene does on a alternation branch through the South. Others, however, fought back, as Sula does aback she threatens some white boys who are afflictive her and Nel. or Option 2 In 1993, Morrison was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature, and appropriately became the aboriginal African American and alone the eighth woman anytime to win the award. According to Maureen O'Brien in Publishers Weekly, Morrison said, "What is best admirable for me alone is to apperceive that the Prize has at aftermost been awarded to an African American. I acknowledge God that my mother is animate to see this day." In 1996, she accustomed the National Book Foundation Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters. Your altercation column will be graded according to the afterward criteria:  - Clear digest the called argument in your own words with basal use of quotations

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