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INDIVIDUAL ESSAY PAPER:  40% DUE DATE:  Midnight Saturday 1st December 2012 (Week 7) WORD LENGTH:  2500 words The cardboard should be accounting in an article appearance and not like a business report, and is based on a case abstraction of McDonald's restaurants in six countries about the world. Anniversary Student is about assigned one of the 6 capacity in Royle and Towers (2002) ‘Labour Relations in the All-around Fast - Aliment Industry’. - This book can be accessed and apprehend electronically via the RMIT Library website) OR   you may admission the copies of anniversary of these capacity that are placed actuality on Blackboard. The accurate countries are: the United States, Germany, Netherland, Russia, Singapore and Australia Affair of Alone Article •         You are adapted to apprehend and analyse your assigned affair in your abstraction time, and additionally to assay added the affair from alternative sources. •         The questions you are to acknowledgment in article anatomy for your allocated country are : “1. What are the capital elements (parties, laws, processes) of the automated relations arrangement of your allocated country? 2. Arising from these elements, what challenges abide for the all-around fast aliment companies in gluttonous to accept a accustomed access to HRM adopted internationally? To acknowledgment this consider: a. What elements are accordant with the accustomed access to HRM b. What elements assignment adjoin the acceptance of standardised methods of HRM in the fast aliment industry? Justify your answer. “ CHARACTERISTICS OF A GOOD CASE STUDY A acceptable case assay has the afterward qualities: •        focusing on the above capacity of the case; •        linking the case to the abstract framework discussed in the altercation or reading; •        addressing capital issues or illustrating best practices; •        Referencing the assignment of others is alarmingly important Turnitin Used        Trial the software afore your final acquiescence •        Avoid the aftermost minute acquiescence •        Re-submit abutting day if the aboriginal time it did not get through •        Do not acquaintance your academician for any Turnitin problems Article Guidelines 1. Use of constant referencing appearance (Harvard arrangement as declared in RMIT Reference Guide); 2. a able-bodied structured article contains introduction, body, cessation and references with minimum headings; 3. and, bethink that a 2,500 chat absolute applies. A 5% answer in marks is fabricated for anniversary 10% over or beneath the chat limit. A Acceptable Article 1. Demonstrates that you anxiously altercate your case and the statements you accomplish are justified with adapted references; 2. shows that your altercation is ashore in the accordant acreage of research; 3. refers to cited materials, which are analysed in a analytical and cogitating manner; 4. and, adduce bookish account papers, NOT Wikipedia or website abstracts after able bookish commendation Acquiescence and Feedback •        Essay should be submitted into Turnitin by midnight of the due date. •        Late submissions will be automatically penalised at a bulk of 10% of accessible mark, per day late. And assignments will not be accustomed added than bristles canicule late. Extensions are not commonly granted. However, in cases of aberrant and 18-carat accident (not including inconvenience, poor planning, commutual assignments for alternative courses, or burden of work) bound extensions MAY be given. Applications should be fabricated in autograph to the Advance Coordinator, 7 canicule afore the due date for submission, and, area appropriate, a medical affidavit should be provided. Such applications will be granted, or refused, in writing.        Feedback from advisers is included in the appearance sheets. •        All assignments charge accept a coversheet (blank archetype attached) •        A active Statement of Authorship (blank archetype attached) is additionally to be accustomed to your academician in chic •        Ask your academician if they crave a hard-copy acquiescence of the article or if soft-copy acquiescence to Turnitin is sufficient. •         Requests for appropriate appliance in the appraisal of the final assay charge be fabricated afore the assay takes abode (See Student Information Booklet). Marking belief for alone article Essays are apparent according to two principles: o   First are affairs of style: use of bibliographic conventions, style, grammar and spelling, and the organisation of the essay. o   Second are affairs of content: bulk of assignment in the essay, affection of arguments, appliance of approach and accomplishments ability to analyze the arrangement of HRM and the strategies and to appraise them. Both are important, and the best essays are best on both measures. ____________________________________________________________ ESSAY EVALUATION: A. STYLE: 1. Reference List 2. Grammar and appearance 3. Structure of article - Addition - Organisation - Conclusion: B. CONTENT 4. Extent of assay 5. Coherence of altercation 6. Comprehension of abstract attempt 7. Appliance of attempt to the proposals 8. Analytical assay is abnormally important Please accumulate a defended archetype of your assignment until the final aftereffect for the advance is given. PAPERS WHICH HAVE NO INTERNAL REFERENCING / NO REFERENCE LIST WILL NOT BE ASSESSED

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