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hi , please acquisition the absorbed detail format. per Addendum (delete these addendum back you abide the paper) · Use this cardboard template; do not change it.  · Put all students’ names on the appellation page.  · Use abounding sentences (except for the capital table). · Use 12 pt, Calibri font; bifold space · At atomic 8 references charge be used · Use APA architecture for in-text references and the advertence list. · You are not accustomed to archetype any sentences from a source. No abounding quotes are allowed. Any appropriation in a group's cardboard will aftereffect in the accomplished accumulation accept a abortion (F) for the assignment.    Title Folio (1 page) Title: Create a Appellation for your Paper Authors: Account Authors’ Abounding Names Section 1. Advance Summary (2 page, bifold spaced) · Introduce the cyber incident · State what your accumulation knew about this advance afore starting the cardboard (even if it’s annihilation that’s fine) · Describe how the advance works. · Describe what types of systems and or software are affected · Describe the all-embracing appulse of the advance (could be advice like cardinal of countries impacted, cardinal of companies impacted, cardinal of bodies impacted) · Describe how it impacts organizations, companies or bodies (for example, may it causes a abnegation of account and companies can’t use assertive systems, maybe it causes all Windows programs to abeyance etc.)  · Describe alternative absorbing things you accept begin about this incident. · Use 8 references Section 2. Beheld Representation (1 pages, bifold spaced) · Provide a aerial akin beheld either about how the advance works or that shows the appulse of the advance (if can be a graph, a map or some alternative visual). Remember to adduce the source.  · Describe the beheld in at atomic 3 sentences. Section 3. Table (1 pages, bifold spaced) · Create a table consisting of ten pieces of the best absorbing advice you begin out about the cyber incident. You aces the fields that go into the table; you can use things from area 1 as a guide.  Section 4. Accumulation Reflection (1 page, bifold spaced) · DO NOT USE ANY SOURCES FOR THIS PART.  · Answer this question: how has your appearance about cyber aegis all-embracing afflicted because of what you abstruse from your topic? Do not explain concepts to me.  Examples could be: your accumulation is added afraid than it was before, or maybe your accumulation is now added acquainted that cyber attacks can advance added bound or maybe your accumulation feels that no one is absolutely safe from cyber attacks… Section 5. References (1 page) · Account references in APA format.

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