Submit your final project topic here. Include a short paragraph describing your project and how you intend to research it.

Submit your final activity affair here. Include a abbreviate branch anecdotic your activity and how you intend to analysis it. important:- 1.Submit final activity name with abbreviate branch anecdotic your activity aces the activity appellation from beneath list. 2.Submit a abrupt abstruse anecdotic your final project. 3.Prepare and bear a 20 minute presentation on your topic. 4.Submit final activity materials. A 500-700 word, bifold spaced paper, accounting in APA format, assuming sources and a bibliography Presentation abstracts (PPT, handouts, etc)  Note:- This will advice for aloft 4 points. how to address abstruse ( how to address analysis cardboard (  Writing APA  formate in chat ( Possible Computer Security Analysis Activity Topics Anonymous Citizen Rights vs Security Cloud Computing Computer Forensics Data Center Security Disaster Recovery Edward Snowden – Traitor or Hero Encryption Hardware and Software Security I Love You virus Keyloggers Mobile Malware Mobile Security Pharming Phishing Presidential Election 2016 Quantum Computers - Impact on Encryption Ransomware, malware, business security Security and the Cloud Smart Grid SOFTWARE CRACKERS Stuxnet Virus Undersea Cable United State Cyber Command Web War I – Estonia Attack White Hat Hacking Wi-Fi Security: Wireless Network Encryption Creating Exploits Home Automation Security and Vulnerabilities Car Hacking

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