This is actual acceptable convenance for the "real world." Many jobs now require RESUMES to be submitted electronically. So, here is an befalling to do aloof that: submit your final resume here.  Be abiding it looks absolutely like you appetite it to look; the best way to ensure this is to abide a pdf file. Be abiding there are ZERO autograph errors; be abiding your resume lists accomplishments not job responsibilities/duties; and be abiding there are NO vague, meaningless, outdated phrases like "team-player" or "hard worker" - unless you additionally accommodate , abundant examples of these concepts. Finally, be abiding your resume begins with a area that highlights you and your abilities - GET TO THE GOOD STUFF EARLY! -YOU ONLY HAVE A FEW SECONDS TO CAPTURE THE READER'S ATTENTION, RIGHT? Once your resume passes all of these tests: 1. All all-important acquaintance advice at the TOP of the folio - name, address, email, buzz numbers, (social media if desired)  2. A SOLID BLACK LINE amid the acquaintance advice and the blow of the resume, like this... 3.Your resume  has a  HIGHLIGHTS, SKILLS, QUALIFICATIONS area at the top, advised to bolt the reader's absorption appropriate away. You alone get a few abnormal of account time, so you charge highlight your abilities and abilities immediately! 4. You account your EDUCATION next, including ONLY advanced/higher apprenticeship (NO aerial schools) 5. You account your WORK EXPERIENCE/EMPLOYMENT HISTORY (DO NOT use alone the chat "EXPERIENCE" AS IT IS TOO VAGUE!) - Your assignment history does NOT focus on DUTIES OR RESPONSIBILITIES! Your resume instead lists your WORK ACCOMPLISHMENTS - allegorical the clairvoyant HOW WELL YOU DO/DID YOUR JOB! (THIS IS ONE OF THE KEYS TO CREATING A MODERN 21ST CENTURY RESUME.) 6. Your resume has ELIMINATED  all VAGUE, MEANINGLESS, TIRED phrases like: team-player, dedicated, motivated, works able-bodied with others, fast learner, and computer efficient. Instead you accept replaced these agreement with bright specific EXAMPLES - like this: Volunteered to advance a aggregation of advisers in the anniversary aliment drive for the homeless. Served as the admiral of the company's Employee/Management Discussion Group. <<<<see? THIS SHOWS YOU ARE A "TEAM PLAYER" because it has EXAMPLES! 7. Your resume can additionally accept addition section, if you accept the space: PROFESSIONAL TRAINING, VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE, INTERNSHIPS, SPECIFIC SKILLS, LANGUAGES. You can add annihilation - as continued as it will advice you get a specific job!  8. Your resume DOES NOT LIST REFERENCES - OR ANY REFERENCE TO REFERENCES - i.e. - References Available on Request << 9. You accept a MASTERPIECE - PERFECT LOOK, ZERO WRITING ERRORS, A RESUME THAT HIGHLIGHTS YOU AND YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS!!! ***Special Reminder = It is usually very obvious to me back acceptance abide resumes after anytime attractive at the address notes, slides, and sample resumes. DO NOT be one of these students.

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