Submission 5.0

  In Unit 4, you accomplished allegory statistical data. In this activity, you will added convenance your analytic abilities by creating 5 altered archive from the abstracts you analyzed in Unit 4. Additionally, you will actualize a presentation including anniversary of those archive and explain why you acclimated the called chart. The specific accomplish are as follows: Download 1 of the afterward datasets of offenses reported: Accomack County Sheriff's Office Honolulu Police Department Los Angeles Police Department Using the provided abstracts and your analyzed data, actualize 5 altered charts.  Create a PowerPoint presentation finer presenting anniversary of your charts, with a accounting description of anniversary chart.  The PowerPoint presentation should be at atomic 6 slides: 1 appellation accelerate and 5 slides absorption anniversary blueprint and an account of why you acclimated this called chart.  Reference U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics. (2017). Welcome to a new way to admission UCR statistics. Retrieved from

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