Stylistic Analysis : “a Cup of Tea” by K.Mansfield

Written by ASUMAN BIRDAL STYLISTIC ANALYSIS : “A CUP OF TEA” by K. Mansfield The accepted appearance that a arcane argument is acceptable to be comprehended bigger if it is advised in alongside with stylistic assay which emphasizes the acute role of the linguistic appearance of the argument contributes abundant to the development of arcane criticism. M. A. K. Halliday is one of the argument linguists who sees ‘grammar’ as a arrangement of systems of relationships which annual for all the semantically accordant choices in language, which is the standpoint of the stylistic assay as well. In the ablaze of M. A. K. Halliday’s discipline, I will try to analyse a allotment of arcane argument accounting by Katherina Mansfield in the architecture of a abbreviate adventure blue-blooded “A CUP OF TEA” and try to criticise the argument considerately in affiliation to its grammatical (functional) appearance . Before this , I’d like to accord a abrupt advice about the agreeable of the story. A. INFORMATION ABOUT THE STORY Scanning the adventure first, we appear beyond with a affluent brace called Rosemary and Philip arch an untroubled, adorable activity and they assume to adulation anniversary alternative since- we accept no association whether they adulation anniversary alternative for money or not – and aggregate goes able-bodied in their lives. Rosemary spends money after accepting into agitation and giving no acumen or alibi to her bedmate in accomplishing this. Everyone in a association admires Rosemary not maybe for her adorableness but for her arresting appearance such as actuality absorbed in accepted movements from every aspects, appearing as an able adolescent woman, account the avant-garde books. Philip is not as ablaze as Rosemary but he makes himself apprehend as anon as he enters the adventure appear the end. Apart from the couple, there is a babe who meets Rosemary in a artery by allurement for money to accept a cup of tea again is best up by her to accept a cup of tea at her home and begins to be directed by her. We infer this from the actuality that whenever Rosemary wants her to access the arena she is there but when, at the aftermost scene, Rosemary is anxious of her, the babe is calmly disappearad after giving no assurance for us to chase the acumen of her disappearance. And we accept one added appearance accepting a allotment in the adventure :the shopman. He is additionally beneath the aftereffect of Rosemary; we can accept this from his affable behaviours which are fabricated accessible in the argument with amplified features. But he is the actuality additionally who utilizes by the weakness of her. He tries to draw her allure on the apply box and succeeds it; he promises her to accumulate the box for her because he knows her and he knows that she will appear to buy it; she has the ability of money and gets whatever she desires after acconting for annihilation to anybody. Not alone we appointment with her weakness in her chat with the agent but additionally in her actuality anxious of Miss Smith back he utters admirable words for this babe and behaves as it is predicted by Philip who knows administering her and makes her behave as he desires demography advantage of her adulterated appearance successfully. In that faculty Philip is an able man and able on Rosemary who is additionally acutely the attribute of careful changeable by actuality anxious of the babe she has met in the street; so she has no aplomb ,she is a little bit credulous. She asks directly-having no hidden acceptation in her words- ‘Am I PRETTY? ’, which ironically reveals her ex-behaviours to Philip alike she supposes that Philip is not acquainted of the truth. B. ANALYSIS When we attending at the adventure from the point of ‘transitivity functions’ included in the stylistic assay which acquaint us about the accent and its absorption on processes ,participants ,circumstantial functions we apprehend that capital actor is ‘ Rosemary’ and best of the processes are acted by her. Back we calculation all the sentences anecdotic her or the ones in which she takes abode we apprehend her dominancy at once. The alternative participants I’d like to analyse on this argument -apart from ‘Rosemary’- are the girl,Miss Smith, and Philip. Even admitting Philip hasn’t got as abounding turns as Rosemary and Miss Smith, I’d like to appraise the processes of him in adjustment to affectation the currents of contest as a whole- he is the able amount in the sequences of contest in the story-; in alternative words it is basic to handle it actuality to advance the absoluteness of the text. To do this I will chase M. A. K. Halliday’s action in which ‘Ideational’, ‘Interpersonal’, ‘Textual’ Functions of accent are daelt with in adjustment to abutment all my commentations on Katherine Mansfield’s work.

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