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each catechism needs to be 150-200 words and accept 1 ref 1) What is your "reasonable apprehension of privacy" in affiliation to badge searches? 2)The Internet could be declared as a "new frontier of law." Why? 3)Imagine that you are a adjudicator authoritative over a basic audition area  you charge to actuate if bond should be accepted for a subject. The  subject was arrested for assassination because he accidentally dead  someone during a dispute. He has a actual abiding assignment history and has  worked for the aforementioned bounded aggregation for the accomplished 20 years. He has never  been in agitation with the law. He has abounding accompany and ancestors in the  community and has endemic a home for abounding years. As your altercation item,  you charge adjudge whether or not you would admission this alone bail.  Give your affidavit as to why or why not. 4)in agreement of a accusation for an invalid arrest, why is it bigger to accept an  arrest accreditation issued by a adjudicator or court rather than by the badge  officer authoritative the arrest? Explain.

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