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Give an example. Write the accomplish of a Graphing Utility to appraise your Binomial Coefficient and the final answer. Binomial coefficients are a ancestors of absolute integers that occurs as coefficients in the binomial theorem. (10:10) =101/10! Final acknowledgment Is 1. Explain the axiological counting assumption In two to three sentences. Give an example. The assumption states that If a arrangement of m outcomes can action In such a ay that the aboriginal aftereffect can action In nil ways, the additional can action In NM ways, again the cardinal of means that Is arrangement can aftereffect Is ways. Example: I go to a restaurant to get some breakfast. The card says pancakes, waffles, or home fries. And to drink, coffee, juice, hot chocolate, and tea. How abounding altered choices of aliment and alcohol do you have? The 3 choices for aliment and 4 choices for drink; thus, I accept a absolute of 3*4= 12 choices State the aberration amid about-face and combination. The aberration is that if the adjustment doesn't matter, it's a aggregate and if the adjustment goes amount it is a permutation. 4. There are 14 performers who will present their ball acts this weekend at a ball club. One of the performers insists on actuality the aftermost actor banana of the evening, and one of the performers wants to be the first.

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