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They abstracted our baptize and accumulate It sanitary. We get to reclaim the baptize from run off. 4. What Is a tributary? A river or beck abounding into a beyond river or basin 5. What is a river? A ample accustomed beck of baptize abounding in a approach to the sea, a lake, or addition such beck 6. Analyze 5 uses of rivers Drinking water, Hygiene, Run off, Playing in, Transportation Book - peg. 412 7. What is Beck Bulk ? Beck bulk Is a geologic appellation apropos to the solid bulk agitated by a beck 8. What Is discharge? Allow (a liquid, gas, or alternative substance) to breeze out from area It has been confined. Explain how the acceleration of a beck is accompanying to its discharge, load, and cutting power. The acceleration determines the bulk of discharge, bulk and ability it is giving. 10. What is a gradient? An access or abatement in the consequence of a acreage (e. G. , temperature, pressure, or concentration) empiric in casual from one point or moment to another. 11 . Accord an archetype of a stream's acceleration of breeze as it relates to its acclivity and ability of erosion. North America can be disconnected into several basins west. These ions are eventually agitated to the oceans and accord the oceans their acrid character. When breeze acceleration decreases the adequacy Is bargain and acceleration decreases. 12. What are tributaries? A river or beck abounding Into a beyond river or basin 13. What Is beck discharge? The aggregate of baptize to canyon a accustomed point on a beck coffer per assemblage of time, usually bulk accompanying to a stream's cutting power? How abundant bulk acquittal is taken and the steams ability is aerial or low. Http://hemstitching. Com/warehouse/geology/ surface_processes/animations/sediment internments SF What particles accomplish up the attenuated load? Slit and Clay 16. What particles accomplish up the abeyant load? 17. What particles accomplish up the bed load? Alluvium 18. Draw and characterization a diagram of the animation, accomplish abiding to analyze the 3 types of load. httpHttpmxehemstitchingm/Summerhouse/geology/surface_processes/animations/ meandering extraterrestrials are meanders? Streams abounding physicality's allotment of the ambit does the river erode? Troubleshooter . What allotment of the ambit are sediments deposited? Cut coffer and point bar 22. Area is baptize the fastest in a meander? Point Bar 23. Area is baptize the slowest in a meander? Cut Coffer 24. Draw a diagram of a meandering beck and characterization the following: river erosion, river deposition, fast affective water, apathetic affective baptize 15. 3 Beck Degradation http://interactive-earth. Com/resources/science-visualvisualizationssisMississippi- animations. HTML Thames is a delta? Body of baptize abounding into a river. 26. How abundant of the continental US does the Mississippi river cesspool baptize from? 98% 27. How continued has it taken the Mississippi River to body its delta? Anniversary year is altered but it takes a continued time depending on acclimate around. 28. Explain how accustomed levees are built. The arena vegetarianism and anatomy into the appearance the baptize needs to be captivated in. Oversimplification's in deltas because annihilation is the aforementioned they charge altered elements for anniversary in the deltas. Http:/Adaptation. nationEncephalographicedComtion/encyclopedia/alluvial-financiers. What is an alluvial fan? An alluvial fan is a triangle-shaped drop of gravel, sand, and alike abate pieces of sediment, such as silt. This debris is alleged alluvium 31 . Explain how an alluvial fan forms. Alluvial admirers are usually created as abounding baptize interacts with mountains, hills, or he abrupt walls of canyons. Streams accustomed alluvium can be trickles of rainwater, a fast-moving creek, a able river, or alike runoff from agronomics or industry. Http:/Http. BBC. Subconsciously/irreproachableness/change_river/peg_27_Pegasus. SHTML SHTML is a floodplain? What happened back a flood happens and area the baptize goes. 33. Explaining floodplain can anatomy over time. They change the meanders in altered positions over time. 34. Draw a diagram of a floodplain actuality abiding to characterization the afterward parts: accustomed levees, oxbow lake, areas of best velocity, areas of deposit

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