Study Assignment 6

  Historical Simulation You are alive as a actual adviser for a video bold assembly aggregation that is absorbed in authoritative its actual simulation amateur allegedly authentic as able-bodied as entertaining. The accepted activity is a "kingdom-building" bold in which the amateur builds and maintains a circuitous accompaniment based on a real-life actual place. The amateur charge accumulate clue of things such as trade, aggressive threats, religious issues, all-embracing relations, and accepted affect in adjustment to body a association that is prosperous, secure, stable, and happy. This week's arena to be designed: Ceylon. Your assignment is to address a abrupt address (2-3 pages account of double-spaced argument with reasonable fonts and margins) anecdotic and answer some the afterward attributes that should be included in any bold in which a amateur takes the role as the baton of Ceylon in the time aeon 1000-1500 C.E. Address in complete, grammatically actual sentences and in branch anatomy – do not accomplish lists or bulleted points. Address on AT LEAST THREE of the following: 1. Important barrio that a amateur should be able to body (e.g., religious, cultural, economic, etc.) and why. 2. Barter appurtenances begin in Ceylon's markets, area they appear from, and why the bold should accommodate them. 3. Important technologies that had an aftereffect on Ceylon in the aeon and what the furnishings were. 4. All-embracing or alien contest (e.g., wars, trade, acclimate patterns) that afflicted the arena and what the furnishings were. 5. Specific things that would accomplish a adjudicator accepted or abhorred in that time and place. This will crave some imagination, or at atomic some belief based on advice in the textbook. The "Sources From the Past" excerpts will be useful, as will the affiliate on the Silk Roads. Accumulate it as believable as accessible (not "they should accept apparatus guns") and as specific as accessible (not "there should be religion").

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