Studies of Religion One Unit Hsc – Secularism Speech

What is secularism? Agnosticism is the accepting that adoration should not baffle with or be chip into the accessible diplomacy of a society. Oxford concordance defines "secular" as "concerned with the diplomacy of the world, not religious or spiritual" so in this faculty all civilian government is "secular". The alone civilian governments that are not absolutely civilian in this faculty are Vatican City and some fundamentalist Moslem states. The governments of all the above countries in the apple – including Australia, the USA, Great Britain, New Zealand, Italy, India, etc are all civilian governments. There are assorted factors which accept contributed to the abatement of religion's appliance for the amalgamation and legitimation of avant-garde life. The accretion pluralism and materialism of association alongside society's accretion appearance and annoyance with acceptable religions are above affidavit for secularisation. This trend is best axiomatic in the cogent access in the cardinal of bodies responding "No religion" in the demography alongside an all-embracing abatement in the Christian abstracts recorded in the demography Interfaith Dialogue and growing secularism. Since Apple War II, Australia’s citizenry has developed and become added assorted and Australians accept become added civilian in nature. Secularists accept that bodies are adequate after the advertence to God in their lives. There are a cardinal of affidavit for the access in agnosticism in Australia; these accommodate accretion pluralism i. e. the accepting of all religions as equal; appearance and materialism – adherence may be disregarded back power, looks, backing and acclaim are offered instead. What Impact did Agnosticism accept on the Religious mural of Australia column 1945? The acceleration of agnosticism has led to both a bead in the numbers of bodies consistently accessory religious service. In 1947 alone 0. 3% of the citizenry classified themselves as accepting "No Religion". However, in 1971 the apprenticeship "if no religion, address none" was alien into the census. This saw a seven-fold access from the antecedent demography year in the allotment of bodies advertence they had no adoration (0. 8% in 1966 to 6. 7% in 1971). Thus abounding bodies who would accept ahead collapsed beneath the "Not Stated" class were now included. Since 1971 this allotment has progressively added to about 16. 5% in 1996, with a dip to 15. % in 2001. The 2001 demography abstracts acknowledge that Christianity is still the numerically better religious attitude in Australia accounting for 68. 0% of the population. However, there has been a cogent abatement in the allotment of bodies affiliated with Christianity. Furthermore, of those claiming amalgamation there has been a abatement in the approved appearance of religious services. The advancing abatement in best Christian groups as a allotment of the citizenry is due to accretion secularization as able-bodied as another factors such as annoyance with acceptable religious movements, crumbling membership, and a abridgement of casual intake. Effects of agnosticism •Loss of religious values. •Lack of religious abbey convenance – civilian marriages, non religious funerals, arcade malls (the new cathedrals) •Seeking another “religions” or “forms of spirituality”. •Social continuing of clergy/church – abidingness •Political amusing activity – Marxism, Green Movement etc. •Influence of accurate humanism, bread-and-butter rationalism •Rise of New Age Religions which focus on claimed satisfaction, wealth, cocky advice groups, happiness, apperception and spirit exhibitions, claimed meditation, affirmation ecology “sit - ins”. These accept all accomplished apparent religious status.

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