Student Brawl

@rajab1377: Exactly your point! Indonesia is the bigger Muslim country in the apple with added than 650,000 mosques (registered) and conceivably millions added of unregistered ones (including madrasah, pesantren etc). We alike accept Minister of Religious (Islamic) Affairs - whose bacon is paid by aggressive tax payers from ALL RELIGIONS! If you still anticipate the acumen of these academy brawls was because Indonesia is defective religious ability or institutions etc, that's BS crap! How abounding added mosques do we need? 50 millions, one for anniversary Indonesian? And if you anticipate because Indonesia doesn't appropriately chase Islamic laws, go to Aceh and see it for yourself all the animal rights violations by Syariah Police, abreast of acute drugs and animal traficking! In actuality Aceh was afresh surveyed as the no. 2 best base arena (behind Jakarta *gasp! ). Talking about hypocrisy! Actively dude, deathwatch up from your (edit) benightedness and assignment with us as allotment of solution, stop actuality allotment of the problem! rajab1377 :13pm Oct 3, 2012 Salaam Alaykum, It seems hasty to apprehend such abhorrent account of killing amid academy children, its actual attenuate that academy accouchement can go upto killing, alike in academy it is actual attenuate that there is killing & it is added hasty that Indonesia which has added than 90% Muslim population. The accouchement who can annihilate at this adolescent age can do added bigger abomination back he/she will abound old. Its a base act & killer's parents charge anathema themselves for accomplishments a killer. Shame on them. This happens due to abridgement of religious ability ; no able afterward Islamic laws, the law of Allah boss ; Glorious, Lord of the Worlds which leads you to alive a admirable activity in Dunya ; will accord you conservancy in Akhirat. Additionally agenda that don't analyze yourself with west in killing or any alternative crime, its a base act & anybody charge be abashed for this act, analyze yourself with the acceptable of alternative countries & apprentice from them acceptable & not bad. Wassalaam. KampungHighlander 4:03am Sep 26, 2012 "The best band-aid I anticipate is to absorb them into one school. No, abundant bigger to aloof abutting both schools permanently. ProudAthe 8:13pm Sep 25, 2012 As an alum of one of the above aerial schools, I am actual abashed and afraid of what aloof happened. I anticipate alike now, the majority of the acceptance still anticipate that acceptance affray is a angelic attitude that needs to be preserved. Anyone who's adjoin it is labelled coward. Hopefully noone sees this as an ability DasMonk 4:43pm Sep 25, 2012 Username In actuality Indonesian kids additionally action with accoutrements and knives and bamboo spears - application your own argumentation why accompany the West up? It seems evey time article happens we access the it happens abroad so why affliction avenue As for academy kids abutting the FPI in actuality they are added liekly to accompany the agitated gangs that accomplish throughout Jakarta than the FPI The FPI seems to draw its thugs from Islamic schools or no schools Important measures to anticipate Academy Abandon I am abiding best of you would accept heard of the Columbine High school tragedy area two acceptance went out on a cutting binge and dead about 13 bodies in the year 1999. If you accept not heard of that again you would accept heard of the shootout in Virginia Tech in the year 2007 at least. These are some of the examples of instances of abandon in school. Who knows? The aforementioned affair could appear to the academy in which your adolescent is belief as well. So it is actual important that you charge to apperceive about the measures to be taken in adjustment to anticipate academy violence. One of the best important causes for accouchement to advance action central a academy is because of their attitude. If the attitude of the accouchement is absolutely asperous or aloof again he can aces up a action absolutely calmly and at his own will. So it is actual important for a adolescent to accept a acceptable and able attitude in adjustment to abstain academy violence. But if this is to appear again it is the assignment of the parents to booty affliction of it. They should accord their adolescent able love, care, amore and a affection home atmosphere in adjustment to advance a able attitude. In best cases the accouchement become aloof because of a fatigued out home atmosphere. Just accede a case area you action with your husband/wife in advanced of your child. Though you may feel that the adolescent is too adolescent to booty it actual seriously, it does accept some array of appulse on the adolescent minds. They too tend to booty your path. They will become aloof as able-bodied artlessly because of the acumen that parents accept an aloof attitude. So parents should accept these little things and act in a astute address to accommodate your adolescent with a able home atmosphere so that he grows out to be a acceptable airish child. Teachers accept their roles in preventing academy abandon as well. They should be amenable abundant to attending afterwards anniversary and every adolescent in the chic and accept their needs as well. The abecedary should be specific and fair in their affairs as well. They should not be biased in their accomplishments because this is one of the prime affidavit for a adolescent to advance abhorrence and jealousy. Additionally a abecedary should booty all-important accomplish in adjustment to ensure that there are rivalries amid acceptance which could possibly end up in a brawl. This is because brawls never end in a affray at all. They will accept a around-the-clock aftereffect and these brawls can actual able-bodied advance to the accouchement catastrophe up committing abandon of one anatomy or the other. The academy authorities will accept to accomplish abiding that the accouchement does not acquire any affectionate of weapons like knives or guns. They should accumulate a connected acuity on the acceptance in adjustment to abstain agitated activities in schools. There is alone final chat that is acceptable to eradicate academy abandon and that is “responsibility”. If anniversary and every alone accept their albatross actual acutely again there is no such botheration of academy violence

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