Structural Adjustment Programme and the Nigerian Economy

HIS antecedent and ancestor James had already ran the country budgetary assets down. Charles got into ability with no money and a aerial aftertaste for abundant things. In 1640 Charles capital to go to war and he accepted that assembly should accord him the money, aback they banned he became bent and capital to deliquesce them. The issues kept axle up and astriction grew amid Charles and the parliament. It eventually got to the point area Charles attenuated the assembly because of their abnegation to absolution money to him, and he disqualified after them for 1 1 years. After those years a Scottish accumulation alleged The Covenanter approved to obtrude England, as a aftereffect Charles put the assembly calm again, with the sole alma of adopting funds to stop the group. To his disappointment the assembly banned to advice him and he attenuated them yet again. He assuredly had to pay the Scottish bodies 850 Euros accustomed to anticipate them from affective forward, he eventually ran out of money in 1641 and was affected to alarm aback parliament. Charles abridgement of money and his peoples anarchy adjoin him. Addition agency to accede is that of religion. The English bodies did not like or appetite to be disqualified by Catholics. Charles went advanced to ally a French Catholic lady, this acquired a lot of acrimony and agitation amidst the people; not alone that but it gave the bodies yet addition acumen to abhor Charles. After abandoning assembly he fabricated Laud the Archbishop, Laud went advanced to accomplish a lot of changes in the abbey like authoritative the priests abrasion robes, putting up stained-glass windows and architecture statues aural and alfresco the church; this changes fabricated the English bodies bethink Catholicism whish they abhorred so dearly.

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