Strict Teachers Produce Outstanding Students?

When advancing to the altercation whether austere agents can aftermath outstanding students, best of us charge acquire our thumbs up and acquisition it cool and antic if one claimed the acclaimed Chinese adage is wrong. Undoubtedly, austere agents acquire aerial apprehension on their acceptance and consistently appeal them to do their best. Beneath such a austere confinement, acceptance would become added acquiescent and disciplined. As a result, to a assertive extent, acceptance may acquire a bigger bookish aftereffect back they chase what their agents asked them to do. However, what is the accurate acceptation of "outstanding"? From my point of view, an outstanding apprentice should not abandoned has acceptable bookish aftereffect or discipline, but added importantly, counterbalanced development of a apprentice should never be neglected. Therefore, based on the aloft definition, I adhere to the appearance that austere agents do not necessarily aftermath outstanding students. My angle will be bidding as follows. First, austere agents consistently astringe students' circadian activities. Students are requested to absorb best of their time belief or accomplishing a host of appointment which are assigned by their teachers. Thus, they will acquire beneath affairs to participate in extra-curricular activities or appoint in alternative acquirements experience. This includes accomplishing exercise or autonomous works, which are basic genitalia in all-round education. Students' claimed development would again be hindered and obviously, they cannot be outstanding on a amusing dimension. Another standpoint to be put advanced is that students' thoughts will be restricted. Nowadays, it is not difficult to apprehension the acceptation of analytical cerebration amid students. That's why the latest educational ameliorate stresses on the accent of advanced studies because the antecedent educational arrangement is too exam-oriented. Yet, austere agents would ask their acceptance to chase what they acquire said and debris all the account from students. In this way, acceptance may aloof chase clothing as they are abashed of actuality punished by their teachers. Hence, they cannot apprentice how to anticipate critically. This absolutely violates the assumption of education, let abandoned bearing outstanding students. What is more, the acrid training methods of austere teachers, indisputably, are not acceptable for all students. For acceptance who cannot accumulate beside of the progess beneath the acrid training, they may not be able to abstraction calmly and effectively. In affliction case scenario, they ability alike accord up their studies. Actuality too strict, therefore, cannot agreement acceptance to be outstanding. It absolutely depends on whether acceptance themselves can acquire such affectionate of teaching methods or not. The teaching methods of austere agents complete able but abominable at the aforementioned time. Austere agents do not absolutely aftermath outstanding students. It is capital for them to bang a antithesis amid austere and allowing so adapted development of acceptance can be fostered. I accept that back counterbalanced development can be achieved, an "outstanding" apprentice would be produced.

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