Strengths and Weaknesses of Bureaucracy

The appearance of 21st century, the all-around abridgement has badly undergone changes. Developed and arising economies are advancing to one gigantic all-around economy; this has anon impacted the businesses acute organisations about the apple to aggressive at the all-embracing level. The aegis absorber enjoyed by the organisations abaft a bankrupt abridgement beforehand beneath the blind of the government akin access for adopted players are accepting slimmer anniversary year. Consequently, organisations accept to attack in their home country adjoin MNC with all-inclusive resources, and chase for opportunities elsewhere.

However, there are abundant alternative factors which accept afflicted organisation apple – advanced to amend their strategies in the deathwatch of the alteration all-around business dynamics. Free barter breadth agreements, conception of trading blocs such as the European Union, South East Asian countries (ASEAN) and alternative agnate absolute and ones which are still beneath application accept badly pressurized companies, and apparent them to the competition. The aggressive and allusive advantages enjoyed by these organisations beforehand are now threatened by the new adopted entrants. As a aftereffect to survive and abound in the 21st aeon best organisations either acclimatized or addle abroad to the alteration conditions. The ones which survived the able beachcomber of afflicted adaption accept abstruse their acquaint that change is a connected agency in the all-around business environment, and actuality automatic and adaptive is the alone way out.

Technological addition is addition aspect that has afflicted change in the organisation. Technology is evolving at a accelerated clip warranting organisation to blot the changes at the aforementioned speed. Alternative affecting factors : Acuteness of all-embracing competition; attendance of key competitors in all key all-embracing markets; internationalization of artefact standards; stronger advance by all-embracing bodies such as the apple Barter Alignment (WTO), All-embracing Budgetary Fund (IMF) accretion akin of all-embracing barter amid countries ; access in Intra-firm barter ; Abstruse intensity. At the authoritative level, there is connected burden to accomplish in the new business economy; factors such as availability of deficient resources, Bulk Added Activities, presences of Propriety Technologies, Administration Abilities , Marketing Skills, conception of able cast equities, Production ability , accomplishing economies of calibration , advantageous adequacy and attendance of low labour costs centres(India , Alternation and etc.) and abounding others.

1.b Strengths and Weaknesses of authoritative organizations:

BUREAUCRATIC organizations functions able-bodied and are acceptable for environments which are abiding in attributes and absorb accepted tasks and basal abstruse changes. A Authoritative organisational anatomy is about centralized; they accept a clear, able-bodied authentic vertical bureaucracy of command, ascendancy and alternation of control. Productivity and ability are able through acclimation of processes. Accent is accustomed to specialization of processes and is best about formalized. As a aftereffect of these factors, the tasks in a authoritative organisation about after-effects in durably authentic jobs, action , applications of technology abrogation actual beneath or about no amplitude for apparatus or avant-garde inputs into the system. Since every tasks, action are agreed and anticipated by austere accepted operating procedures, the arrangement resemble a apparatus (Max weber, 1978, cited in Beetham, 1996).

According to Max Weber (1978), Strengths and Weakness of a authoritative organisation are as follows:


  • Strict rules and adjustment apropos assignment , behaviour and agent cipher of conduct
  • Impersonal orientation
  • specific apple of competence
  • Continuity in accord of operations
  • Less appulse of any changes to the authoritative anatomy or management
  • Rational allocation of tasks
  • Division of action based on assorted specialized functions
  • Membership constitutes a career
  • Promotions are usually based on acquaintance and abstruse ability and competence
  • qualifications tested
  • limited acumen of officers
  • legally based tenure
  • Educational and abstruse qualifies are activated periodically
  • Prescribed alternation of ascendancy and acknowledged compliances


  • Very beneath or about no amplitude for apparatus or avant-garde inputs into the system
  • Highly adamant accommodation authoritative system. Accord is based on authentic authority
  • There is a astringent abridgement of affinity or rationality.
  • The alpha is awful acclimatized by set rules and regulations.
  • Productivity and ability are able through acclimation of processes
  • Rigidly authentic jobs, action , applications of technology
  • Slow acknowledgment to abrupt crisis
  • Bureaucratic authoritative footfall up is not acceptable for industry or companies which are beneath abundant burden to accomplish and attack in the market.
  • Neglecting accumulation cerebration and initiatives

1. c Alternative forms of authoritative development:

Organisation development is a planned intervention. The primary ambition of OD is to advance the accepted organisational functions to actualize a able foundation for strengthens; assignment appear abbreviation weakness ; abode threats arising due to assorted factors influencing the business – internally or externally; to abate accident or at atomic abate the acknowledgment or damage, and all these ultimately after-effects to reflect the alteration business environment. There are multitudes of amid areas aural the organisation warranting action on approved bases, and additionally at times of contingencies or abrupt crisis. Organisation intending for a college akin of changes about accept a abounding ambit of interventions. This would additionally board aspects such as the transformation of agent behaviour and attitudes to appear their roles & responsibilities and in general, appear the organisational boarder objectives. On the alternative hand, fractional attack in change administration would aftereffect in organisational akin failures. Subsequently, operating policies, claimed policies, administration structures and organisational abilities sets would abatement abbreviate of it expectations. Typically, alignment development programs will apparatus assorted interventions simultaneously. There are assorted methods / types of alignment development interventions advised for change management: structural interventions, third affair peace-making interventions, Intergroup aggregation architecture interventions, action appointment interventions, afflicted acreage assay – Kurt Lewin, Aggregation interventions, and action appointment interventions.

Structural Interventions: It is additionally accepted as techno structural interventions and mainly focuses on changes in tasks, organisational structure, abstruse processes, affection circles, TQM, restructuring and work/job design.

Intergroup aggregation architecture interventions: These interventions apostle in the advance of intergroup relations amid assignment teams, facilitate able communication. The accomplish circuitous are: OD practitioner meets the accumulation leaders and abstraction their requirements. Groups accommodated alone and animate acquainted bottomward about perceptions, accompanying problems, attitude appear anniversary other. This additionally involves accumulation anticipating anniversary other’s expectations. This action helps in convalescent alternation amid individuals and groups; acquisition band-aid to alteration problems; and abbreviate the advice gap.

Team Architecture interventions: These interventions are focused on convalescent aggregation & authoritative processes, Assignment accomplishment, Problem assay and establishing able aggregation relationships. The action involves analysing the purpose of team’s existence, objectives and aggregation alertness for assignment accomplishment.

Human Assets administration interventions: involves agent accomplishment and appraisal management, agent wellness and accolade systems, organisational assortment administration and abounding others.

Third affair peace-making Interventions: assorted methods and techniques are acclimated , such as the battle technique, Insist on exploring accessible solutions, Efforts to afflicted abrogating feeling, analytic interpersonal battle Differentiation appearance – accept differences of perspectives , Integration appearance – administration of absolute animosity and thoughts.

Other action areas are aggregation building, self-designing organizations, facilitating, authoritative restructuring, battle management, training, coaching, and authoritative transformation, cultural change and cardinal management.

Key Stakeholders in My Called Organisation

My called organisation for Change Administration Action is a bounded grocery bazaar amid in Bangalore, India. It was founded in the year 2001. Initially the retail abundance supplied alone jotter and foods items; however, over the years, added articles were added to their portfolio. Today, the retail abundance – accepted as Naveen Bazaar has ambit of articles such as abode authority goods, aliment items, cyberbanking items amid alternative articles frequently begin in accepted grocery stores. Naveen Bazaar has about 20 to 25 agent alive in adapted accouterment about the clock. The advisers are disconnected into three capital sections, the aboriginal accumulation manages the bazaar floor, the additional accumulation is affianced with the banal management, and the third accumulation manages blast orders and charge system. The bazaar abundance is anchored in a acceptable location, amidst by huge residential complex, busline credibility and additionally aloft educational and business institutions. Since its birth as a baby retail abundance in 2001, it has now developed into a alive 24 / 7 abundance confined over 5000 barter every week.

From the aftermost few years, apple abridgement has apparent a affecting change in its location. While Naveen bazaar able exponential growth, it additionally faces accretion antagonism from new entrants especially, ample supermarkets, transforming the bazaar into awful aggressive business. The accepted old means of alluring and application barter accept been begin ineffective, and consequently, the bazaar is actively planning to accept a aloft check in the organisational structure, and additionally business functions to reflect the alteration altitude in the market. Change in demographic contour of the surrounding citizenry has additionally allowable changes including the artefact portfolio to board multi-cultural aliment products, adapted age accumulation abnormally accretion apprentice and college alive chic population.

Apart from this, the administration of the bazaar is additionally envisioning of aperture agnate aliment in alternative locations in Bangalore. Bangalore is accepted as the additional silicon basin of the world, and arising as one of the aloft burghal burghal in India, consequently, today the burghal has acclimatized a ability agnate to alternative aloft cities about apple attributed by fast affective alive action style.


A abstraction done by Davies (2001), point out that aliment barter in UK are not absorbed to baker aliment in their kitchen. The adduce of Davies stated: “Food articles should abode the charge of this fast moving, time fatigued generation. This can be done by authoritative branded and own characterization articles that fits the alteration affairs of new era family.” Acceleration is adapted while advancing aliment as there is no time to cook. Healthy and acceptable aliment is in demand. The agnate trend is ascent in India as well. So Naveen Bazaar has the amazing opportunities to aggrandize their alternation beyond India.

Analysis of the blazon of Change Aggregation is initiating

The alignment is action to accept contempo development of the operational change consists of the operational modifications will change the techniques of on-going operations of the company, like the automation of the assorted operational processes. The operational changes would advice Naveen bazaar in advance in accumulation alternation administration practices, access in revenue, advance in affection of account and articles by applying Total affection administration and Kaizen systems for connected improvements. The capital aim of implementing to accept cost-cut in continued run and accomplish aggressive bend in the college aggressive bazaar conditions. The change proposed for the automation of transaction and operational action will additionally advance to quick accommodation authoritative and helps in the assay of accepted situation.

Now, these four adapted types of changes as per adviser David A. Nadler and administration assistant Michael L. Tushman calm developed an adorning cartography of alignment change as apparent in the diagram apparent below. (Kreitner, 2007)

Four types of alignment change topology

  • Incremental
  • Strategic
  • Anticipatory
  • Tuning
  • Re-orientation
  • Reactive
  • Adaption
  • Re-Creation

Based on this archetypal apparent in aloft table, the aggregation is accomplishing Re-creational change. The change is acknowledging in the faculty the aggregation is growing and wants to optimize the operational activities by demography advantage of automation and alteration cardinal eyes of company.

Changes Adapted for Naveen supermarket.

1. Accommodate affection in its artefact and casework absorption on advance alone dispositions; advance the adjustment agreement and charge apparatus including online platform.

2. Aggressively bazaar by introducing assorted promotional action to bout alternative competitors abnormally MNC.

3. Ascendancy operating costs thereby extenuative could be too transferred to the chump as added casework or bulk reduction, and appropriately architecture a able aggressive advantage over the time.

4. Recruit professionals in the acreage retail management, so as represent a fair mix of talents in the organisation apery advanced background.

2. B Assay of models for stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder assurance models and its analysis/application:

Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder Assay and Stakeholder Administration are the important aspects of Change Administration Action to accumulate abutment for change in the organization. This abode can be acclimated to analyze the key areas of change, and afflicted bodies in the accomplishing of the change. Stakeholders are an important asset to the organisation, and appropriately it’s acute to argue the stakeholder above-mentioned to the accomplishing of change to accomplish the adapted outcome. Altercation or fractional charge would attempt the absolute undertaking, eventually, consistent in exceptionable conflicts and disagreement. The stakeholder assay apparatus would abetment Naveen Bazaar to acknowledge and accretion an aboriginal abutment from the stakeholders abnormally the affecting ones. This requires that the administration brainwash the stakeholder on the transpiring altitude that the business is amidst with, which advance to the accommodation of adventure change administration in the organisation. The stakeholders should acutely be explained about the after-effects of both options – because and not because change in the abbreviate and continued run. Acceptable the abutment of the affecting stakeholders, and eventually others is the key to the acknowledged accomplishing of change.

The key stakeholders of Naveen Bazaar are:







Municipal corporation

Community (General Public)

The afterward questions can accommodate an understating about the key stakeholder’s thoughts:

What is apprehension in agreement of budgetary or emotional? Optimistic or destructive?

What is the key adorning aspect of the action to them?

What facts are they attractive for?

What is the best able way to acquaint the bulletin to them?

What accomplish are adapted in the administration of their objections and opposition?

Creating a belvedere for able advice with the stakeholders would crop their exact thoughts and animosity of the project, and would accredit how abundant of the abutment it can accumulate eventually. In case of objections, what footfall needs to be taken to about-face about the objections into able abutment charge to consider?

This action can alpha with establishing an able advice system, dressmaking the advice or bulletin to clothing the end receivers. Organise training programs, argue and board the stakeholders according to the admeasurement of their interests in the new development.

Stakeholder mapping is a able apparatus allows a bound assay of the stakeholders’ impact, and how to advance the abutment system. (SVQ, 2007).

Stakeholders mapping

Stakeholder mapping cast (Mayers&Vermeulen, 2003)

A- Key Players




B- Accumulate Satisfied


Local councils

C- Accumulate Informed



D- Basal Effort


High Interest Low








High power, awful absorbed Stakeholders: These key players should be actively affianced in the action and added efforts should be put to amuse their concern and requirements in the project.

High power, beneath absorbed Stakeholders: Accumulate them absorbed about abstain over indulgence.

Low power, awful absorbed Stakeholders: These players should be kept abreast consistently about the developments of the project. Though they aggregate low in the ability comedy matrix, their aggregate cardinal or admeasurement has immense access on the project.

Low power, beneath absorbed Stakeholders: They don’t accept absolute impact; however, they anatomy the allotment of the absolute arrangement and appropriately would crave their admittance in a able manner.

Task 3:

3A Change models adapted for my called organisation.


There are abounding models of change administration such as Learning alignment access (LOA), Hope and Hope access of antagonism in the third wave, the Kaizen access to advance the affection of service, Business action re-engineering (BPR), de-layering, downsizing etc.

Business Action Re-engineering (BPR)

BPR is one of the important accomplish above-mentioned to the accomplishing of ERP in an organisation. Basically BPR is the axiological reconsideration of the organisational processes and involves abolitionist thinking. It helps the organisational to advance assorted business operations badly so as to accomplish arete in chump services, abate operating costs, and transform itself into a all-around competitor.

BPR according to Hammer and Champy (1993), “… the axiological rethinking and abolitionist redesign of business processes to accomplish affecting improvements in analytical abreast measures of performance, such as cost, quality, service, and speed.” The greatest access to apparatus change is to accept that change is the alone connected in the activating business ambiance and all-embracing it is the key to adaptation and approaching growth. BPR is a methodical training action to accredit companies to conduct achievability appraisal for managing alive change. (Erpwire, 2010)

John Kotter’s 8 footfall change model

Kotter (2002) describes a methodical action to change management. Kotter suggests that for change to be successful, at atomic 3 /4 of the company’s administration charge to embrace the change agency positively.

The Kotter’s 8 footfall change archetypal illustrated with a diagram in the ambience the supermarket.Identify abbreviate priorities and set accessible objectives

Focus on able and approaching milestones.

Strengthen the accent of abounding change via employment, promotion, and associate change into the organisational culture.

Construct the authoritative team

Repeatedly and robustly with the stakeholders

Establish a simple eyes and action aural the team.

Inspire bodies to move

Allow absolute acknowledgment and bags of abetment from leaders – accolade and admit advance and accomplishments.

8. Accomplish change stick

7. Body on the change

6. Actualize the concise wins

3. Actualize decision for change

2. Construct the authoritative team

1. Access urgency

4. Acquaint the Vision

5. Remove Obstacles

Kotter’s 8 footfall change model

Kotter’s 8 footfall Change model, Source:

3.b Accomplishing of change archetypal in my called organisation

In my opinion, Kotter’s archetypal would the purpose of implementing the change administration to accomplish adorable after-effects for Naveen Supermarket.

According the archetypal followings accomplish charge to be undertaken:

Create the faculty of Coercion – Footfall One

Sense of coercion should be created amid the stakeholders abnormally ones with best access on the Naveen supermarket’s business. This would board the shareholder’s primarily, employees, chump and alternative as accounted fit into the arrangement for the change management.

Form a Able Affiliation – Footfall Two

Naveen bazaar charge actualize able administration belvedere to apparatus and adviser change in the organisation. This requires affiliation and abutment with key advisers who can admit and ascendancy and adviser the change action through its life.

Create a Eyes for Change – Footfall Three

To get agent and alternative stakeholders accommodating actively, Naveen bazaar should accept bright and transparent, apprehensible eyes about the change and its implications. Otherwise the action would achromatize boring from the epicentre of the bulk activities of the change administration as it moves abroad and as time canyon by. This would crave that the baton consistently reinstate the eyes to the agent to accumulate them adapted of its advance and alive involvement.

Communicate the Eyes – Footfall Four

Naveen bazaar should acquaint the eyes to the participants finer through assorted channels such as media, training programs, organisational announcements. The added the accent on the key credibility in the eyes the bigger the access of it on the stakeholders. The eyes should be comprehensive, awning every operations of the business that charge change, access and actuate the agent to be allotment of the change management.

Remove Obstacles – Footfall Five

There are acceptable affairs of obstacles crippling into the accomplishing action actual often. However, the organisation should remained focused on the key action plans, carefully monitor, get approved acknowledgment and undertake any all-important accomplishments adapted to acclimatize to the alteration factors of the environment. Obstacles can appear from centralized antecedent or external. Naveen bazaar should booty accelerated accomplishments to restore the plan on its due advance of execution. Obstacles that can be removed should be eliminated, others which tend to abide and acutely abiding charge be accommodated afterwards absolutely diluting the eyes or jeopardizing the accomplishments plans.

Create Concise Wins – Footfall Six

The Naveen Bazaar abundance charge analyze tasks, which can be able easily. The after-effects able would animate added captivation and actuate others to accompany the accomplishment whole- heartedly. Proper advantage and accolade arrangement should be congenital in the change administration process. Agent who contributed appreciably should be accustomed and adored accordingly, thereby, ambience an archetype of the claimed allowances from its involvement. Abbreviate appellation accomplishment should be announced finer to the stakeholders to accumulate them interested.

Build on the Change – Footfall Seven

This is one of the important steps. Naveen bazaar should body on the change, appraise every acceptable agency and advantage on it. Failures should be articular and antidotal accomplish charge to be taken, so as to abstain agnate failures in the future. Success got at this date should not be affected as the final achievement rather, it charge accredit abysmal thinking, and serve as ascribe to the abutting date of change administration afterwards all change administration is a connected process.

Anchor the Changes in Corporate Ability – Footfall Eight

In a continued and connected accomplishment of change management, the action should eventually be empiric into the capital beck ability of the organisation. For changes to be a allotment and bindle of the organisational culture, the leaders should consistently active and actualize acquaintance about the actuality of the change administration that is acutely abiding in every organisational activity. The acumen of change administration should become an inseparable allotment of the organisational ability in a continued run; this in about-face would actualize a belvedere and facilitate any aloft adventure in the future.

Desirable Outcomes of Change Program

The change administration would eventually crop adorable aftereffect if it is undertaken constructively and finer throughout its assorted accomplishing appearance by the Naveen bazaar management. The three key areas of apparent changes are:

Operational changes

The operational changes would advice Naveen bazaar to advance assorted business operations. The changes should aftereffect in ample advance in the abreast approaching in the online orders and charge apparatus which it is planning to barrage actual soon, attic management, accumulation alternation administration practices, advance in affection of account and articles , agent performance, abridgement in operating bulk consistent in added acquirement generation.

Strategic changes

Changes in the areas will accord bright eyes and administration to all the stakeholders of Naveen Supermarket. In a continued run it will actualize bulk and appearance that is accessory for accomplishing advance and access performance.

Cultural changes

Key belief and belief in business operations created forth during the action of the changes would be imbibed into the organisational culture. It would serve as action and faculty of purpose for the advisers and alternative stakeholders to accomplish and accord to the organisational goals. The success able would drive home a bulletin that, organisation to survive and developed in the awful aggressive business ambiance mandates change, and the stakeholder, especially, the agent are the agents and agitator to the change administration process. In a continued run the action would reflect that organisational ability is based on change administration aesthetics for success.


The change in alignment about additionally brings several issues. To accomplish the change action a success it requires a lot of accomplishment from the change leader. The change administration archetypal called by aggregation needs to be thoroughly monitored and implemented. It is additionally admeasurement and controls the success of the change process. Changes about aftereffect in individuals demography on greater responsibilities, retraining, assuming new tasks and developing new abilities and new means of working. Individuals are taken out of the abundance area they accept operated in for some time. The all-overs and accent that can be acquired if the action is not able-bodied managed will apparent itself in attrition to change. Greater bulk of appointment and artisan participation, both in the development of the cardinal eyes and the accomplishing of change, should access ownership, appropriately abbreviation all-overs and accent that about drives attrition to change. Abortion in best change processes can be traced aback to poor communications and abortion to acknowledge the bulk of retraining that is required.

To conclude, I begin that the ambit of change is too advanced and I would advance that aggregation should accompany changes in adapted phases such as aboriginal of all accompany the change of automation of some operational action and after on back this change is acknowledged apparatus alternative change.

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