Strauss and Brahms

On October 16, 2010 at 8:00 pm I abounding the “Strauss & Brahms” concert by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra at the Woodruff Arts Center. The affairs consisted of three compositions, anniversary which accustomed the longest continuing acclaim from an admirers that I accept anytime witnessed. The aboriginal allotment performed was On the Beautiful Blue Danube, Waltzes, Opus 314 by Johann Strauss, composed in 1867 during the backward Adventurous era. This allotment is agnate and altered from Fredric Chopin’s Mazurka in B-flat that we advised in class. Similarities accommodate both are ball music in amateur exhausted and are in above key advertence to their mostly ablaze and airy mood, admitting the Blue Danube is additionally added romantic. Differences are the blazon of ball music, the Mazurka we advised actuality beneath in breadth with a abundant emphasis on the additional or third exhausted of anniversary measure, and the Waltz actuality about quadruple in breadth with a abundant emphasis on the aboriginal exhausted as is customary. In addition, Strauss would arouse capacity with actual little if no variation, admitting Chopin would use assorted variations of the affair as able-bodied as contrast. The additional agreement performed was the Arrangement for Violin and Orchestra by Alan Berg with the acclaimed violinist Julian Rachlin as the featured soloist. I accepted the allotment to be affairs music appropriate abroad aback the aqueduct gave us a abrupt anecdotal or adventure on which the music was based. Composed in 1935 during the Expressionism period, the music is agnate to the appearance of the time in that it focuses added on apery the affecting adventures of Manon Gropius (whom the allotment is about) rather than apery her concrete characteristics or concrete adventures and such. The arrangement is disconnected into two movements, anniversary which are disconnected into two sections. In movement one in the Andante section, the music is played in sonata anatomy with the aftermost three sections in ternary anatomy (A-B-A) afore transitioning into the Allegretto section, which is added dance-like. In the additional movement, in the Allegro section, the bounce is faster and the affection is added agitated, and in the Adagio area the bounce is slower and the affection is calmer. Throughout the composition, Berg combines the twelve accent arrangement we advised in chic by Arnold Schoenberg with a accomplished accent calibration acicular out by the aqueduct afore the performance. To me the music articulate affectionate of awesome and strange, admitting I admired the genitalia aback the violin accomplished actual aerial notes. The aftermost allotment performed was Symphony No. 2 In D Major, Opus 73 by Johannes Brahms, composed in 1877 additionally during the backward Adventurous era. I acquisition this allotment to be cogitating of the time aeon because it absolutely has a anatomy and anatomy agnate to the classical period, best conspicuously works of Beethoven. The symphony has the classical symphony anatomy of four movements and anniversary are in above key. In the aboriginal movement, Allegro non troppo, the accord and accent of the melody consistently changes. In the additional movement, Adiago non troppo, there are variations of abounding altered capacity throughout. In the third movement, Allegretto grazioso, the anatomy changes from the sonata anatomy of the antecedent two movements, and in the aftermost movement, Allegro con spirito, the anatomy allotment aback to sonata form. In agreement of dynamics, anniversary movement alternated amid loud (forte) and bendable (piano) music. The best memorable allotment that stood out for me was the melody that I accustomed as a lullaby. The melody would generally change to area it did not complete like before, but was consistently absolute and accepted for the best part. Overall, I enjoyed the concert. In honesty, it was the aboriginal classical concert I anytime attended, so it was appealing funny to see the aqueduct aback he was agilely bouncing his accoutrements about with his beard bouncing up and bottomward like madman. I was additionally acutely afflicted by the achievement of abandoned violinist, who was outstanding. Everyone alive at the Symphony Hall was absolutely nice and able-bodied mannered. I would adulation to appear actuality afresh for my additional concert report.

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