Stratification and Prejudice in Current Events

The purpose of this appointment is to analyze stratification and ageism in accepted events. Despite abundant advances appear adequation amid the contest and genders, ancestral and gender discrimination, as able-bodied as chic stratification abide austere amusing problems. To achieve this course, you will use the account media to ascertain accepted amusing issues with commendations to chase and gender. To complete this assignment, accomplish the afterward tasks: Using newspapers, account websites, or account magazines, baddest three accepted contest (within the aftermost six months) that reflect our studies on stratification.  One accident should represent ancestral issues, one gender issues, and one chic issues.  All three should authenticate bigotry and/or stratification in American society. Using your research, call the accepted contest and how they are cogitating of your studies on racial, gender, and chic bigotry and/or stratification. Analyze the contest and administer the address and argument to the account articles. What theories of stratification apply?  Are the accepted contest adumbrative of the actual trends of racial, gender, and chic bigotry and or/stratification? What solutions, if any, should be activated to these accepted events? In your discussion, administer your claimed adventures and observations to the accepted events. How do you feel that the media perpetuates bigotry and/or stratification based on race, gender, and class?  Support your account with concepts from the argument and/or adapted alfresco resources. Provide a minimum of three references and administer the actual APA standards in the architecture of text, citations, and references.  Your cardboard should accommodate a appellation folio and reference. Your cardboard should be at atomic bristles pages in length, not including the appellation and advertence pages

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