strategic planning in organizational crisis management

Title: Cardinal planning in authoritative crisis management Outline: Introduction Crisis Management 1.1. 1.2. 1.3. … Strategic Planning 2.1. 2.2. 2.3. … The role of cardinal planning in authoritative crisis management Conclusion References References: Articles and books, reliable web sources. References charge be explained in detail at the aftermost affiliate of the homework. Turnitin check: The adviser will analysis the appointment affidavit  by Turnitin software in adjustment to abstain absolute artful from alternative  students and the sources used, and additionally acknowledging the sources in the  references. Best adequate allotment of affinity is 20%. If the  homework exceeds the affinity of 20%, the adviser will accord 3 added  days to the apprentice for acclimation the paper. At the end of 3 days, the  homework will be arrested afresh and if it still exceeds 20% similarity,  the apprentice will accept alone one added adventitious to fix it in 1 added day.  After this step, the appraisal of homeworks will be done like this: 20-25% will be evaluated over 90 25-30% will be evaluated over 80 30-35% will be evaluated over 70 35-40% will be evaluated over 60 >40% will be accustomed as uncompleted, bootless homeworks Cover Page: Title of the homework, name surname, apprentice number, advance name, cipher and section Number of Pages: The appointment cardboard should be minimum 8 and best 10 pages. Writing style: Arial 11 pt, Line agreement 1,5

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