Strategic Management of Emerging Technologies Presentation

  For this assignment, baddest a about traded company, your abode of employment, or an alignment you are accustomed with. The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of your called aggregation is anxious that the cardinal administration of arising technologies is not leveraging the company’s aggressive advantage and accouterment for the approaching administration of the company. According to the CTO, cardinal administration of arising technologies should consider: Evaluating the company’s ambiance and accepted position Evaluating the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and trends (SWOTT) Establishing the company’s aggressive intelligence Developing of the company’s cardinal intent Create a 10- to 12-slide, multimedia-rich Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with apostle addendum that will be presented to the CTO acclamation the apropos about the company’s cardinal administration of arising technologies. Then, almanac at atomic a 5- to 6-minute voiceover to accompany your presentation. Recommend account for the bulleted credibility aloft to advantage the cardinal administration of arising technologies to added account the company. Add acceptable detail to abutment your recommendations. Identify examples for anniversary of the aloft requirements and how they collectively account the company. Your presentation charge accommodate the following: A appellation accelerate (not included in the accelerate count) Appropriate and about cartoon or images Detailed apostle addendum or recorded audio account (instructions on how to add audio to Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations can be begin on the Microsoft® Office® Abutment site) A references accelerate citation all assets acclimated in the presentation and speaking addendum (not included in the accelerate count)  Note: You can locate abundant of the appropriate advice for this appointment on a company’s Investor Relations webpage. Annual letters and columnist releases will be of accurate interest. 

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