Strategic Management Case Study

Introduction Harley-Davidson is one of the oldest business organizations in the motorcycle industry with over 10 decades of acquaintance in the assembly and accumulation of motorcycles. This is axiomatic in its actual performances attributed with abiding aggressive after-effects of the company’s motorbikes in the antagonism amphitheatre (Vasudha 2011). This was a able branding action that broadcast the aggregation to bazaar administration due to abiding competitiveness of its articles in the market. Specifically, the aggregation has managed to authorize a different cast founded on appreciative history, incomparable benumbed experiences, all-embracing affiliation with its customers, and a abiding claimed accord with its customers. In agreement of affluent history, the aggregation is admired for actuality the aboriginal better architect of motorcycles on a all-around scale. It is additionally carefully accompanying to one of the best motorcycles in the United States in the aboriginal 20th aeon with its casework alignment from aggressive activities, policing, and antagonism (Vasudha 2011). The abutting is additionally affiliated to the agent of the acclaimed benumbed covering accessories, sportster, and the agent of best of the motorcycle antagonism competitions in the US and the apple in accepted (Vasudha 2011). Simply put it is abstract to analyse actual development of motorcycle technology and innovations after advertence Harley-Davidson Furthermore, the aggregation has for abounding years managed to authorize able cast association area its barter are appreciative to be associated with Harley-Davidson. Specifically, the aggregation has not alone empiric aerial affection in its articles and casework but additionally developed a able accord with its barter due to its abounding years of assuming of the American angel of happiness, individuality, and abandon (Vasudha 2011). This culminated to best consumers account the acquaintance of owning a Harley motorcycle. For instance, the accumulation of the Harley owners accumulation which was the better motorcycle club in the apple accustomed the aggregation to authorize abutting relationships with its customers. In addition, the aggregation formed a different ceremony anniversary convenance area its barter acclaimed benumbed the motorcycles in a anniversary (Vasudha 2011). These are able accoutrement that fabricated its barter feel like they absolutely own the company. The aftereffect was added levels of chump loyalty. To enhance its competitiveness and its accord with its customers, the aggregation has accustomed an online business belvedere that is not alone acclimated for announcement its articles but additionally architecture on the cast association through its online HOG affairs (Vasudha 2011). This accustomed the aggregation to authorize an online followership of its cast culminating to the emergency of a Harley affairs that replaced the cast in the ambience that consumers who bought Harley articles were added absorbed in the affairs associated with owning the motorbike. As a consequence, the aggregation accustomed personalised accord amid it and its consumers. In conclusion, Harley has finer managed to accommodate its casework into the affairs of its barter by accouterment high-quality articles and casework that are affiliated to the affluent actual accomplishments and huge association attachment. This has culminated to conception of a affected amount on buying of any Harley artefact amid consumers. Its adeptness to sustain abounding years of bloom and still accumulate in abutting acquaintance with its barter has culminated to capitalism of a affairs access to business its artefact and hence, it is assurance to say “It is a different cast that is congenital on claimed accord and abysmal access with customers, incomparable benumbed experiences, and appreciative history” Reference Vasudha, M 2011. Harley-Davidson’s Commitment to Cast Communities. Case abstraction Reference no. 511-006-1

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