Strategic management

STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT (SPRING,)             ANSWER FIVE (5) QUESTIONS IN TOTO (Maximum of 10 pages) Each catechism is account 40 credibility for a absolute of 200 points.  N.B. Support your arguments and conclusions. Explain your answers thoroughly. Reference any adapted readings in your answer. 1) How accept contempo changes in technology (for example, robots, 3-D printing, bogus intelligence (AI), Virtual absoluteness (VR), blockchain) afflicted the four above business-level strategies – all-embracing low-cost, differentiation, focused, and amalgam or aggregate strategies? How does this chronicle to the conception of acceptable aggressive advantage for a firm? 2) If a close is acknowledged domestically, it is acceptable to be acknowledged internationally? Why or why not?                      3) What determines the akin of aggressive acuteness in an industry? 4) Marcus Aurelius Antoninus said:  “Time is a river of casual events, and able is its current; no eventually is a affair brought to afterimage again it is swept by and addition takes its place, and this too will be swept away.”  Explain what you anticipate this account agency and what are its implications for managing strategically. 5) It is broadly accustomed that changes in technology and antagonism accept beneath abounding of the acceptable roles of location. Resources, capital, technology, and alternative inputs can be calmly sourced in all-around markets.  Firms can admission anchored inputs via accumulated networks.  It is no best all-important to locate abreast ample markets to serve them.  Governments are broadly apparent as accident their access over antagonism to all-around forces.  It is accessible to conclude, then, that area is abbreviating in importance.  Do you accede or disagree with the account that area is abbreviating in accent in the all-around economy? Support your conclusions.

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