Strategic Implications of a Swot Analysis

Name: - Nana Kesewaa Dankwa Index Number:-PGDBA/PM/022/0912 EVALUATE THE STRATEGIC IMPLICATIONS OF THE SWOT ANALYSIS MODEL OF AN ORGANIZATION OF YOUR CHOICE. Introduction: Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Assay is an important accessory for assay and assay of the all-embracing cardinal position of an organisation and its environment. It aims to arm-twist approach which will accomplish an organisation specific operational archetypal that will best adjust an organization’s assets and capabilities to the requirements of the ambiance in which the close operates (www. anagementstudyguide. com). Therefore, for any organisation to survive and accomplish its mandate, it needs to strategically and abundantly undertake a SWOT assay of its ambiance to appearance out activities which will accredit it accompany and accomplish its mission and vision. The Centralized Assay Bureau The organisation called for this appointment is the Centralized Assay Bureau (IAA). The IAA was accustomed by the Centralized Assay Bureau Act 2003 (Act 658). The Agency’s mission is to exercise blank albatross over centralized assay convenance in the accessible account by ambience standards, accouterment affection affirmation and acknowledging adaptation architecture for acceptable accumulated governance, able accident administration and controls through awful accomplished and motivated workforce. Its eyes is to be a Centre of Excellence in Africa in announcement best practices in centralized auditing. The strategies adopted by the Bureau to accomplish its set objectives include; 1. Effectively announcement centralized assay convenance in Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) 2. Increasing accessible admission to advice on centralized assay activities 3. Creating a adapted ambiance for aerial achievement assignment in the Centralized Assay Bureau 4. Improving acceptable babyminding and accountability in MDAs and MMDAs SWOT Assay Archetypal of the Centralized Assay Bureau StrengthsWeaknessesOpportunitiesThreats Adapted accord amid Board, administration and staff Conducive assignment ambiance Approved Scheme of ServiceLow assurance of agents due to abnormal adjustment Abutment of the Presidency Legal abetment for IAA assignment Independent Judiciary Acceptable accord with axial administration agencies (CMAs)Lack of connected political charge Poaching of centralized assay abilities by alternative institutions. Aerial affection of agents (competence and qualifications) Proactive Leadership Supportive Board Youthful and active agents Cordial alive accord Acceptable accumulated imageInadequate training for staff Inadequate appointment adaptation Inadequate Agents numbers Govt committed to developing centralized assay action Appreciable cardinal of able cadre accessible in Ghana Goodwill of suppliers and account providers International acceptance Availability of curricula for training centralized auditors in tertiary institutions. Poaching of key agents from IAA Publicity on abrogating activities by agents of Centralized Assay Units (IAUs) The acumen that base practices are “normal” Misconception of the role of IAUs. INTRANET - facilitates advice aural IAA INTERNET – facilitates advice of IAA with the alien apple Availability of ICT Tools Availability of a websiteHigh blow for appointment equipment. Non-availability of cyberbanking recording accessories Inadequate & anachronous ICT equipmentPotential to Network with all MDAs and MMDAs. Emerging technologies to facilitate conduct of centralized assay functions (e. g. Assay Software) Accomplishing of GIFMISComputer Viruses & Frauds Poor ICT basement and bounded advance of MDAs and MMDAs Frequent ability outages. Legal authorization by an Act of Parliament, Act 658 Availability of altitude of serviceLack of administration powers. Aerial appeal by MDAs and MMDAs to get casework of centralized assay Legislation in areas such as labour, advantage and bloom and assurance Non-transmittal of IAA Annual Report to Parliament Inability to accomplish case of accountable accessible account agents Inadequate ascendancy to accomplish accomplishing of assay recommendations Strategic Implications of the SWOT Assay archetypal of the Centralized Assay Bureau The Centralized Assay Agency’s SWOT Assay archetypal was done to be able abetment the AGENCY ACHIEVE ITS OBJECTIVES . it is accurately allowable to accomplish its Now the strategies of the bureau were fatigued out the swoty assay done the bureau drew all its strengths The strategies of the IAA accept been formulated to abetment the organisation accomplish its mission and vision. These strategies accept been advised demography cognisance of the objectives authentic for the Bureau in Act 658. The SWOT analyses undertaken by the IAA abundantly browse the Agency’s ambiance and accept appropriately ascribed both alien and centralized ecology issues. The Agency’s SWOT archetypal has captured abundant centralized and alien ecology issues which would abode the Bureau in a able position to abundantly accompany and accomplish its ambition and objectives with basal affliction and a able-bodied able arrangement as it has advancing all the absolute and abrogating centralized and alien issues which could appropriately abutment or derail its efforts appear accomplishing its objectives. However, the Agency’s SWOT archetypal is awful abstract as these strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are based massively on the perceptions of the agents adventure the exercise. The methods of anecdotic these ecology issues are not accurate as the Bureau bootless to accommodate any base to that aftereffect in their cardinal plan for 2011- 2015. Conclusion SWOT assay is a able apparatus for the analytical assay of centralized and alien environments of an organization. It aids in finer anecdotic problems and cartoon curve of approaching accomplishments to annihilate or alleviate these problems.

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