Strategic Audit Report; Analyze and Recommend Strategies

You will appointment on sections V and VI of the Cardinal Assay Address by researching, evaluating, and selecting strategies for your cardinal assay company. Finding the appropriate action that aligns with your company's mission, vision, culture, and business objectives take continuous appraisement and research. The bigger the focus, appraisal, and calculations, the easier it will be to baddest the best action for your aggregation to be acknowledged in the future. Provided are the guidelines to complete anniversary section:  Using the worksheet, guidelines, and archetype bedding provided, actualize an SFAS cast for your cardinal developed company. SFAS Worksheet (DOCX) SFAS Guidelines (DOCX) SFAS Examples (DOCX) Using the guidelines and archetype abstracts (attached below), actualize a TOWS assay cast for your cardinal developed company. TOWS Guidelines (DOCX) TOWS Assay Archetype (DOCX) From your completed TOWS Assay acclaim the one action that you feel best meets the approaching needs of your firm. Support your accommodation by autograph a abundant account answer your selection. Use at atomic two alfresco sources appropriately cited and referenced to abutment your decision. This may be the best important area in the cardinal assay report, as it should acquaint the clairvoyant what you are activity to do with all of the advice presented in the assay and the best approaching action for the organization. Submit Your Results Parts 1 and 2 of your appointment should abide of the completed SFAS Worksheet and TOWS Analysis Part 3 of your appointment should be a one-page appraisal of your recommended strategy. All pages should be double-spaced, with sources cited and referenced application accepted APA formatting Compile all pages of your certificate to abide to this assignment.

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