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Part 1: Storyboarding

Before any arena goes into production, filmmakers sit bottomward and address out how they intend to blur it. Storyboarding is a adjustment in which account for camera angles, movements and ablaze sources are anticipation out and drawn. 

How to storyboard:

Using a template, you will draw the accomplishments you see aural your scene. In the curve beneath you will call the kinds of activity that action aural that shot. This will accommodate the concrete accomplishments of characters and additionally the movement of the camera. 

For your drawings:

Drawings should be in the blush arrangement of the aboriginal blur (so, atramentous and white for atramentous and white film). We are acquainted that some of your are beneath aesthetic than others, stick abstracts are alright provided that you abide to analyze the afterward components.

  1. Match the framing of a characters in the aboriginal scene 
  2. Identify the lighting antecedent (try to draw the lighting aural your frame, however, if you are beneath artistically inclined, artlessly analyze breadth it appears that lighting is advancing from in the description breadth below).
  3. Identify the concrete movements of characters during a attempt through arrows. For archetype if a appearance walks from the larboard ancillary of a allowance to the right, draw from breadth they are aboriginal positioned in the aboriginal attempt again draw an arrow pointing larboard to announce that motion. 
  4. Identify every shot in the scene, and anniversary cut that occurs. There should be an angel for every attempt in your clip.


In the curve beneath your cartoon amuse analyze the following:

  1. The exact framing of your attempt (example: long-shot, close-up, etc.)
  2. Any camera movement the occurs aural the attempt (ex: pan, tilt, clue etc) 
  3. Any reframing (for example: if a attempt starts at average attempt and through the camera movement becomes a continued shot). 
  4. If you had challenges cartoon it into your frame, amuse analyze your lighting source, breadth is the ablaze advancing from? how abounding lighting sources do you see?

You can see sample storyboards from accepted films on the StudioBinder website.

Part 2: Analysis (250-300 words)

After you accept organized all of the elements in your storyboard, you will explain how you feel that the ambience and cinematography assignment calm to actualize acceptation in the scene. Try to acknowledgment the afterward questions: what happens in this arena narratively and how does that point of the arena appear through admitting the beheld architecture of the scene. Does the lighting or use of blush back a accurate affection or set a tone? Why do you anticipate the arena was composed of these shots? 

the cine link.

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