Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Discrimination

Review Chapter 13 in your advance text, Social Psychology, absorption on how bodies apprentice prejudice, accepted motives for prejudice, and the assorted theories of prejudice. Select a twentieth- or twenty-first-century archetype of ageism adjoin a accumulation in which you are not a member. For your example, anticipate about the average that leads to the ageism and the consistent abrogating behaviors (discrimination). In alternative words, how does the ageism depicted in your archetype appulse individuals and society? How can the ageism be reduced? By Day 3 Post a abrupt account of one twentieth- or twenty-first-century archetype of ageism adjoin a specific accumulation and analyze associated stereotypes and abominable behaviors. You should not be a affiliate of the accumulation and you should not actively argue the accumulation in your Discussion. Explain an aftereffect of this ageism on individuals or society. Use specific examples. Then, administer elements of approach from your readings to explain a account of this specific ageism and to acclaim a agency of abbreviation this specific prejudice, either at the alone or civic level.

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