Step 3: Doing Sociology Assignment

Purpose This action is Footfall 3 in our semester-long "doing sociology" assignment.  In this footfall you will go out into the association to analyze how globalization shapes amusing action in our our area. You will beam and analyze two bounded aliment markets (or grocery stores) and address clear, abundant descriptions of what you see. Your ambition for this action is to use a sociological analysis method, ethnography, to systematically beam the similarities and differences in these bounded grocery stores, their concrete layout, the articles they sell, and the audience that they serve.  The actual you accumulate in this action will anatomy a above allotment of your final paper.   Description Compare a boilerplate grocery abundance (Select one: Giant, Harris Teeter, Safeway, Shopper’s Aliment Warehouse, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Walmart, Target) with an all-embracing aliment bazaar (Select one: Super A Market, Aliment Star Market, Bestway Supermercado, H Mart, Grand Mart, Good Fortune). A cardinal of accustomed all-embracing aliment markets are apparent on this Google Map. Procedures This activity requires that you accomplish armpit visits to several locations. You will absorb at atomic 45 account at anniversary area authoritative observations. Step #1: Before you activate your acreage observations, absorb some time cerebration about how grocery aliment are advised and organized. Use these antecedent expectations to accomplish predictions apropos what you will acquisition during your visit. Step #2: Next, it's time to appointment the markets.  Spend at atomic ¾ hour celebratory at anniversary location. As you observe, be on the anchor for similarities and differences amid the two markets. Use the afterward account of questions to adviser your observations: Before entering the abundance apprehension what affectionate of cars arise in the parking lot. Describe the all-embracing abundance blueprint (lighting, advertisements, decorations, accomplishments music). What affectionate of articles are actuality sold? For archetype - are there beginning vegetables and fruits? Are there packaged and candy foods?  Where did these articles appear from? Who frequents this store? What can you acquaint based on the blazon of articles that are actuality sold? Also accede the bodies you see in the abundance (shoppers & clerks). Once you leave the store, anon sit bottomward to address out acreage addendum anecdotic in as abundant detail as accessible what you aloof observed.

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