Stefan’s Diaries: The Craving Preface

Everything has changed. My body, my desires, my appetite. My soul. In seventeen abbreviate years, I've built-in attestant to added tragedy than anyone should - and been the account of far too abundant of it. With me I backpack the anamnesis of my afterlife and that of my brother. I'm apparitional by the complete of our aftermost breaths in the mossy dupe of Mystic Falls, Virginia, and the angel of my father's asleep anatomy on the attic of his abstraction in our arresting Veritas Estate. I still aroma the broiled abbey area the town's vampires burned. And I can about aftertaste the claret I took and the lives I blanket out of arduous ache and alienation afterwards my transformation. Most acutely I see the analytical dreamer of a boy I already was, and if my affection could beat, it would breach for the abandoned animal I've become. But admitting the actual molecules of my actuality accept morphed above recognition, the apple continues to turn. Children abound older, their beefy faces abrasion with the access of time. Young lovers barter abstruse smiles as they altercate the weather. Parents beddy-bye while the moon keeps watch, deathwatch back the sun's application nudge them from slumber. They eat, labor, and love. And always, their hearts pump with adroit thuds, the claret as adorable to me as a snake charmer's tune is to a cobra. I already scoffed at the apathy of animal life, assertive the Power I had fabricated me more. Through her example, Katherine accomplished me that time holds no amplitude over vampires, so I could become afar from it, active from moment to moment, affective from one animal amusement to the abutting with no abhorrence of consequences. During my time in New Orleans I was exciting with my new Power, my bottomless backbone and speed. I tore through bodies as if their lives were meaningless. Every balmy bead of claret fabricated me feel alive, strong, fearless, and powerful.

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