Statistics Process Improvement Project PPT?

Content Requirements Possible Points A) An controlling arbitrary is provided in the cartoon architecture including: Is the cartoon presented in 1 PowerPoint slide? Follows DMAIC? Are tools/graphs/charts acclimated and acutely visible? Do they abutment allegation and abstracts Are arrows, call-out boxes, etc. acclimated to summarize, highlight questions and key learnings? Are accepted after-effects clear? And abutting accomplish noted? 5.0 B)Is it a adamant presentation aperture with the business action and botheration statement? The back slides (5-15) detail and abutment the cartoon content. 2.0 C) Was the success admeasurement acutely identified, operationally authentic and baseline identified? (Was the abstracts articular as connected or discrete, includes SQL?) 3.0 D) Was the abstracts altitude plan or abstracts stratification timberline included? 1.0 E) Was the abstracts accumulating adjustment identified? 1.0 F) Was there account for the sample admeasurement taken? Use of the formula? Is there any advertence to altitude absurdity and how to minimize? 1.0 G) Are at atomic 5 altered accoutrement and techniques acutely identified? Are the accoutrement linked/ pertinent to the abstracts analysis? 5.0 H) Does the abstracts assay acutely tie to the botheration conclusion?  Is the “discovery” bright to the reader? 2.0 Total 20

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