Statistics III

Assignment 3 Statistics Exercise II: Statistical inference, 1- and 2-sample t-tests These account contest accommodate the befalling for you to accept and administer statistical methods and analysis. Unless contrarily stated, use 5% (.05) as your alpha akin (cutoff for statistical significance). #1.  Define "power" in affiliation to antecedent testing. #2.  Alpha (a) is acclimated to admeasurement the absurdity for decisions apropos accurate absent hypotheses. What is beta (ß) absurdity acclimated to measure? #3.  In the afterward studies, accompaniment whether you would use a one-sample t test or a two-independent-sample t test. A abstraction testing whether night-shift workers beddy-bye the recommended 8 hours per day A abstraction barometer differences in attitudes about chastity amid Democrats and Republicans An agreement barometer differences in academician action amid rats placed on either a connected or an alternate accolade schedule Use SPSS and the abstracts book begin in abridgement assets (DATA540.SAV) to acknowledgment the afterward questions.  Round your answers to the abutting dollar, allotment point, or accomplished number.     #4.  Analysis the age of the participants (AGE1) adjoin the absent antecedent H0 = 34.  Use a one-sample t-test.  How would you address the results?   a.         t = -1.862, df = 399, p > .05  b.         t = -1.862, df = 399, p < .05  c.         t = 1.645, df = 399, p > .05  d.         t = 1.645, df = 399, p <  .05 #5.  What is the beggarly and accepted aberration for the Lifestyle account (L)?   a.  31.22, 7.99  b.  36.19, 8.54  c.  30.03, 7.28  d.  55, 13 #6.  The aboriginal case apparent in the abstracts book is a firefighter with a banking Risk-Taking account (R) of 38.  What is his Risk-Taking z-score (hint: you will charge to acquisition the Risk-Taking beggarly and accepted deviation)?   a.  0.179  b.  -0.223  c.  1.342  d.  -1.223   #7.  Perform absolute sample t-tests on the Lifestyle, Dependency, and Risk-Taking array (L, D, and R) comparing men and women (GENDER1).  Use p < .05 as your alpha akin and administer a two-tailed test.  On anniversary of the three scales, do men or women accept a decidedly college score?   a. Lifestyle: Men, Dependency: Women, Risk-Taking: Men. b. Lifestyle: Not decidedly different, Dependency: Women, Risk-Taking: Men  c. Lifestyle: Women, Dependency: Women, Risk-Taking: Men  d. Lifestyle: Men, Dependency: Men, Risk-Taking: Not decidedly different   #8. The boilerplate US bacon is $50,700, according to US Census data. Using a one-sample t-test, analysis to see if actor assets (INC1) is altered from the civic average. Use a two-tailed analysis and an alpha akin of 5%. Participant assets is decidedly greater than the civic average Participant assets is decidedly beneath than the civic average Participant assets is not decidedly altered from the civic average Participant assets cannot be compared to the civic average

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