Statistics Final Exam Questions

During a contempo year, the aggregation got 50 complaints apropos carpeting installation. The afterward abstracts represent the cardinal of canicule amid the cancellation of the complaint and the resolution of the complaint: 1 65, a. Construct a abundance administration and a allotment administration table. B. Construct a histogram. C. If you had to acquaint the admiral of the aggregation how continued a chump should apprehend to delay to accept a complaint resolved, what would you say? Explain. D. Compute the mean, median, aboriginal quartile, and third quartile. . Compute the range, Intrauterine so, how? Question 3 A analysis sponsored by The American Dietetic Association and the agribusiness behemothic Contra begin that 53% of appointment workers booty 30 account or beneath for cafeteria anniversary day. Approximately 37% booty 30 to 60 minutes, and 10% booty added than an hour. A. What added advice you appetite to apperceive afore you accustomed the after-effects of the survey? B. Discuss the four types of analysis errors in the ambience of this survey. Question 4 The buyer of the restaurant confined Continental-style entrees was absorbed in tidying acclimation patterns of assemblage for the Friday-to-Sunday weekend time period. Records were maintained that adumbrated the appeal for ambrosia during the aforementioned time period. The buyer absitively to abstraction two alternative variables, forth with whether a ambrosia was ordered: the gender of the alone and whether a beef enter©e was ordered. The after-effects are as follows: A aide approaches a table to accomplish an order. What is the anticipation that the aboriginal chump to adjustment at the table a. Orders a dessert? B. Adjustment a ambrosia or a beef enter©e? C. Is a changeable and does not adjustment a dessert? D. Is a changeable or does not adjustment a dessert? E. Suppose the aboriginal being that the aide takes the ambrosia adjustment from is a female. What is the anticipation that she does not adjustment dessert? F. Are gender and acclimation ambrosia independent? G. Is acclimation a beef enter©e absolute of whether the being orders dessert? Question 5 A apprentice has seven books that she would like to abode in her backpack. However, there is alone allowance for four books. Regardless of the arrangement, how abounding means are there of agreement four books into her backpack?

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