For the additional SLP, application the abstracts that you calm for the Bore 1 SLP, amuse do the following:

1. Calculate the mean, median, mode, variance, and accepted aberration of the abstracts taken in Bore 1 SLP. Show your assignment and be abiding to accurate anniversary amount in units.

2. Discuss which admeasurement of axial addiction you anticipate best accurately describes the capricious that you measured. Provide a absolute explanation.

3. Call the spread/distribution of your data. Be abiding to call the about-face of administration and the abstraction of accepted aberration as a admeasurement of burning in your response.

4. Conduct a bookish chase on the internet to acquisition appear bloom statistics on the capricious that you are measuring. For example, if you are barometer your absolute circadian caloric intake, American Dietetic Association. Identify the source.

Submit your (2-3 pages) cardboard by the end of this module.

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