You will assay the afterward variables in the grades.sav abstracts set:\r\n•gender\r\n•gpa\r\n\r\nStep 1: Write Section 1 of the DAA.\r\n•Provide the ambience of the grades.sav abstracts set.\r\n•Include a analogue of the defined variables (predictor, outcome) and agnate scales of measurement.\r\n•Specify the sample admeasurement of the abstracts set.\r\n\r\nStep 2: Write Section 2 of the DAA.\r\n•Analyze the assumptions of the t test.\r\n•Paste the SPSS histogram achievement for gpa and altercate your beheld interpretations.\r\n•Paste SPSS descriptives achievement assuming skewness and kurtosis ethics for gpa and adapt them.\r\n•Paste SPSS achievement for the Shapiro-Wilk assay of gpa and adapt it.\r\n•Report the after-effects of the Levene assay and adapt it.\r\n•Summarize whether or not the assumptions of the t assay are met.\r\n\r\nStep 3: Write Section 3 of the DAA.\r\n•Specify a assay catechism accompanying to gender and gpa.\r\n•Articulate the absent antecedent and another hypothesis.\r\n•Specify the alpha level.\r\n\r\nStep 4: Write Section 4 of the DAA.\r\n•Paste the SPSS achievement of the t test.\r\n•Report the after-effects of the SPSS achievement application able APA guidelines (refer to the Unit 8 Introduction and the "Results" archetype from the Warner argument in Chapter 5). Include the following: ◾t.\r\n◾Degrees of freedom.\r\n◾p value.\r\n◾Effect size.\r\n◾Interpretation of aftereffect size.\r\n◾Means and accepted deviations for anniversary group.\r\n◾Mean difference.\r\n◾95% aplomb breach of the aberration of sample means.\r\n\r\n•Interpret the after-effects adjoin the absent hypothesis.\r\n\r\nStep 5: Write Section 5 of the DAA.\r\n•Discuss the implications of this t assay as it relates to the assay question.\r\n•Conclude with an assay of the strengths and limitations of the t test.\r\n

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