1. Consider the afterward busline problem. XYZ Company has capacities of 600 in its Corning bulb and 200 in it bulb in Geneva. However, its demands appear from Fairport, Mendon, and Penfield at the afterward appeal levels 300, 200, and 300 respectively. The busline costs per assemblage are as follows:    Fairport Mendon Penfield   Corning 16 10 14   Geneva 12 12 20 a) Develop a beeline programming conception of this busline problem. b) Use Excel Solver to break this botheration and acquisition the optimal solution. 2. Consider the afterward beeline program Max 3x1 + 2x2 s.t. 1x1 + 1x2 < 10 3x1 + 1x2 < 24 1x1 + 2x2< 16 And x1, x2 > 0. a) Use Excel Solver to acquisition the optimal band-aid to this problem. State the optimal ethics of x1, x2, and Z. b) Assume that the cold action accessory for x1 changes from 3 to 5. Does the optimal band-aid change?  c) Assume that the cold action accessory for x1 charcoal 3, but the cold action accessory for x2 changes from 2 to 4. Does the optimal band-aid change? d) What are the adumbration prices for these constraints? e) What abstracts can you draw about changes to the appropriate duke ancillary of coercion 2? f) Identify the bounden and non-binding constraints in this botheration and explain.

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