Statistical Analyses In Nursing

Statistical Analyses in Nursing

Researchers charge accomplish abreast choices about the blazon of statistical assay that best addresses the assay question. For the accomplished several weeks, you accept been because how and back a accurate accomplishment should be employed. This week, you accept focused on the use of nonparametric tests.

Nonparametric methods are advantageous to advisers in assuming statistical analyses of quantitative abstracts sets that do not chase accustomed distributions and that accept inconsistent variation. Nonparametric methods are generally activated back ordinal-level abstracts are calm and, as such, await on beneath assumptions than their parametric counterparts.

In this Discussion, you appraise the two accessories in this week’s Learning Resources, both of which apply nonparametric methods of statistical analysis. In addition, as the final anniversary of exploring quantitative statistics, you accede which statistical adjustment is best frequently acclimated in your breadth of nursing practice.

To prepare:

  • Review      the accessories presented in this week’s Learning Resources and assay anniversary      study’s use of nonparametric tests.
  • Critically      analyze anniversary article, because the afterward questions in your      analysis:
  • What       are the goals and purpose of the assay abstraction anniversary commodity describes?
  • How       are nonparametric tests acclimated in anniversary study? What are the after-effects of their       use?
  • Why       are parametric methods (t tests and ANOVA) inappropriate for       the statistical assay of anniversary study’s data?
  • What       are the strengths and weaknesses of anniversary abstraction (e.g., abstraction design,       sampling, and measurement)?
  • How       could the allegation and recommendations of anniversary abstraction accord to       evidence-based convenance in the bloom affliction field?
  • Reflect      on the quantitative statistical analyses presented throughout this advance      in the assay literature, the Learning Resources, media presentations,      and those accessories you advised for your abbreviated assay proposal.
  • Ask      yourself: Which adjustment is best frequently acclimated in assay studies that      pertain to my breadth of nursing practice, and why this ability be so?

By tomorrow Thursday 10/19/17 by 5pm, address a minimum of 550 words in APA architecture with at atomic 3 references from the account of Required Readings below. Include the akin one headings as numbered (1, 2 &3) below.

Post a adamant acknowledgment that addresses the following:

1) Critically assay anniversary article, including the items acclaimed above. (See absorbed book for 1 commodity & chase this articulation for the 2nd article:

2) Identify one statistical assay adjustment that you begin alternating in abounding of the accessories you acclimated in your abstract assay for your assay proposal. This adjustment does not necessarily accept to be nonparametric.

3) Based on your breadth of nursing convenance (Critical Care), which adjustment of statistical assay is best frequently acclimated in the assay literature? Why do you anticipate alternative forms of statistical assay are beneath frequently used? Provide a account for your response.

Required Readings

Gray, J.R., Grove, S.K., & Sutherland, S. (2017). Burns and Grove’s the convenance of nursing research: Appraisal, synthesis, and bearing of affirmation (8th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Saunders Elsevier.

Chapter 25, “Using Statistics to Determine Differences”

Statistics and Abstracts Assay for Nursing Research

Chapter 8, “Chi-Square and Nonparametric Tests”

This affiliate defines nonparametric tests and chi-square tests of independence. Nonparametric tests admeasurement nominal or cardinal variables, admitting chi-square tests are acclimated to draw abstracts about citizenry differences.

Fisher, K., Orkin, F., & Frazer, C. (2010). Utilizing aggregate assay to amplify bloom affliction accommodation authoritative by emergency administration nurses: A achievability study. Activated Nursing Research, 23(1), 30–35. doi: 10.1016/j.apnr.2008.03.004 (SEE ATTACHED FILE)

This commodity describes a abstraction that active aggregate analysis, a altitude address accumulation simulation into beginning architecture to accomplish a algebraic archetypal of alone accommodation making. The abstraction focused on nurses’ decisions accompanying to the affliction of patients with bookish affliction and acclimated accident tables and nonparametric tests to assay the data.

Tjia, J., Field, T., Garber, L., Donovan, J., Kanaan, A., Raebel, M., ... Gurwitz, J. (2010). Development and pilot testing of guidelines to adviser high-risk medications in the ambulant setting. American Journal of Managed Care, 16(7), 489–496. (Follow this link:

Development and pilot testing of guidelines to adviser high-risk medications in the ambulant setting. American Journal of Managed Care, 16(7) by Tjia, J., Field, T., Garber, L., Donovan, J., Kanaan, A., Raebel, M., & Gurwitz, J. Copyright 2010 by INTELLISPHERE, LLC. Reprinted by permission of INTELLISPHERE, LLC via the Copyright Clearance Center.

This commodity discusses a pilot assay that aimed to archive assurance action trials by ecology high-risk medications for efficacy, safety, and biologic interactions. The statistical assay of the study’s abstracts included the use of nonparametric tests to appraise trends beyond ordered groups of drugs.

Optional Resources

Walden University. (n.d.). Nonparametrics. Retrieved August 1, 2011, from

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