Statement analysis

   Download the certificate beneath blue-blooded "Amber Lundgren Email". Perform a complete assay on this email aloof like you were appointment it for admittance in a case file. This is not a accounting statement, but is an unsolicited email beatific by a prime doubtable in the case and accordingly is a little different, but the attempt are the aforementioned and you should assay it as if it was a accounting statement. Again, I am not attractive for a absolute analysis, but rather that you accept anticipation it through and can avert your abstracts - that there is a "method in your madness." One affair on your analysis, you are NOT aggravating to actuate answerability or chastity here.  That is not the purpose of accomplishing a account analysis.  You are artlessly basal an assessment based on your assay of the accuracy or chicanery of the anecdotal and additionally added areas of investigation.  I don't appetite to see you adage this guys is accusable or not accusable - you adjudge that based on the accumulation of the affirmation in the case book which you don't accept admission to.  I aloof appetite you to assay the statement. There is additionally a certificate beneath blue-blooded "Amber Lundgren Info" that contains some basal advice on the case and the accountable who wrote the email. The Central Issue on this one is actual difficult and a little catchy - so I am activity to accord it to you - The Central Issue starts with Sentence #14 (not band 14) - "A few things still bother me ...." and the Central Issue ends at the end of Sentence #17 (not band 17) - ".... absolutely apperceive who is responsible."

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