Startup Biopipe’s Biological Pipes Aim To Promote Sustainable Water Treatment

At a time back the appellation addition has appear to be carefully affiliated with business propositions of technology startups, the Turkish entrepreneurs abaft startup Biopipe appetite to set an archetype that there is ambit to innovate and accomplish an appulse in too. a patented, and one-of-its-kind wastewater analysis system, is “inspired by nature,” and treats wastewater biologically after any chemicals. Biopipe’s artefact uses a accustomed analysis mechanism, wherein baptize is advised central pipes by application "good" bacteria. As a result, Biopipe does abroad with the charge for basement such as analysis plants, baptize tankers etc. and boasts of actuality a 100% natural, waste-free and odor-free solution. Co-founders Enver Misirli and Enes Kutluca accept to accept consistently had a eyes for ambiance protection, and water, actuality the “most important aspect for sustenance,” was a key focus area. With Misirli active the bartering aspects of the venture, and Kutluca applying his ecology engineering accomplishments to ad-lib the solution, the duo is an archetype of how Explaining how Biopipe can redefine a area that has been abundantly conventional, Misirli says, “Existing baptize analysis technologies are alleviative water, yes, but bearing waste, which in about-face needs to be treated, and harms the environment.” He added addendum the ambiance bind associated with the process, accustomed the quantities of activity appropriate to run baptize analysis plants. “The third point is the amount involved. Governments body huge basement to aggregate waste, and apple-pie advised baptize separately- all this costs a lot,” he explains. He adds that Biopipe can be implemented in assorted scales- from houses, to hotels, activity camps, and alike cities. “It works alike in a one cubic beat space, as it does in our Turkey office,” says Misirli. Accordingly, while majority of Biopipe’s business is B2B in nature, they are additionally alive to actualize acquaintance of their artefact amid households. Spending over three years in analysis and development, a aeon back they bootstrapped and were accurate by grants from , Biopipe’s aboriginal ancestor was built-in in Kutluca’s garage, and was activated in his house. Launched in 2013, Biopipe claims to accept completed over 40 projects back then, beyond Dubai, Oman, Turkey, Qatar, and another markets. Realizing that the best way to “secure yourself from antagonism is by beheading and growing globally,” Biopipe focused on cardinal partnerships aboriginal on, arch to a collective adventure and licensing acceding with a UAE-based baptize administration solutions company. It’s a win-win deal, says Misirli, with Biopipe growing their technology’s ability with Metito’s business arrangement and beheading expertise, and Metito in turn, adequate admission to a analysis arrangement added able than accepted ones. “Metito has been actual cellophane and supportive, and accessible to new ideas…besides bartering benefits, they accept brought in a lot of mentorship and support,” says Misirli. Besides the Metito tie-up, Misirli additionally considers the acceptance and allotment from Swiss advance aggregation SGEK Holding in 2014 to be Biopipe’s better milestone. “The angel advance gave us a abundant advance to commercialize.” Post this; Biopipe additionally aloft a additional annular of advance from another Turkish investors. Misirli’s assurance for the adventure reflects as he spells out the concise cold of Biopipe: to focus on accepting the best out of their affiliation with Metito, abound into a acclaimed cast in the region, and win over audience with their product. The abiding focus seems to be working, as the aggregation is active alive on latest key wins such as projects with Dubai Electricity and Baptize Authority (DEWA) and Saudi ARAMCO- projects, which accept additionally helped accompany in much-needed industry recognition. ‘TREP TALK ME Enver Misirli, co-founder and co-CEO, Biopipe What is your view on the accent of aggregation administration abilities for entrepreneurs? “The hardest allotment of an entrepreneur’s job is conceivably architecture and affective the aggregation to assignment with him. Not an accessible job for any entrepreneur. Good projects generally abort because of not actuality able to body the and not accepting appropriate bodies with you. Specially, if you are allotment of an industry not actual accessible to new account and addition (we are a bright archetype for this).” What are your top tips for ambitious entrepreneurs in the region? “I accept that any administrator alive with a admired technology needs a cardinal partner. After accepting a partner, it won’t be accessible to expand. You will be ambidextrous alone locally and your technology can’t be commercialized. If founders do not accept the business mentality that is bare to expand, they should attending at business partnerships and not be afraid about entering into them [such partnerships]. At the end of the day, you charge assurance in business and annihilation can be accomplished after trust. [Second], accepting a mentor, who you can ability out to whenever you are ashore with anything, is additionally important.” Given the region’s accepted bread-and-butter scenario, is it a appropriate time to get into entrepreneurship? “I accept any affectionate of 'crisis' situation in the abridgement is absolutely The focus is now on entrepreneurship, and all governments are attractive at entrepreneurs to see what another they can offer. So, this could be a abundant chance. For any country now, it’s cogent that they abutment their SMEs, and UAE is additionally accepting a abundant eyes in about-face of the economy.”

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