Starting and Naming a Business

   Discussion Board Forum 3 Case Study Starting and Naming a Business Shania Jackson is a complete Christian cerebration of aperture a Christian coffeehouse abreast Denver, Colorado. Her husband, Marvin, is accessible to authoritative a addition of basic to the business, but he has no absorption in accommodating in its operation or management. Shania’s sister, Kelsey, is a new Christian who has told Shania that she’s been attractive for an alibi to get out of the abode and would adulation to be a allotment of the business. Kelsey’s husband, a non-Christian, opposes his wife’s captivation and has told her that he expects her to abide a calm mom to their 2 children, ages 13 and 15. Shania’s neighbor, Carlos, is a non-Christian who has additionally bidding an absorption in accommodating in the business as a way to acquire added income. Carlos thinks the “Christian thing” has abeyant with all the big churches in the area, including a Mormon temple and a ample Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses. In researching the coffee business, Shania comes beyond a few authorization opportunities, some of which would crave her to accept the authorization name and barter dress, as able-bodied as others that would alone crave her to move into a turn-key ability and accede to acquirement a assertive aggregate of artefact every ages for a aeon of at atomic 10 years. Both types of franchises action training for her and any agents she ability hire. Shania has advised acclimation her business as a sole proprietorship, a affiliation of some sort, a association of some sort, an LLC, or alike a collective venture. She is cerebration of calling the business “The Gathering Place.” QUESTIONS    Before you complete the afterward steps, see the Discussion Board Forum 3 Case Study; the Discussion Board Forum – Cilia and Discussion Board Forum – Replies Grading Rubrics; and the specific requirements of the posts, including length, bookish sources, and citations. Thread Prompt: Complete the afterward steps: 1. Admonish Shania on which of the business forms beneath application best accomplishes her business goals. Thoroughly explain the affidavit for your recommendation. 2. Admonish Shania on whether her aggregation should become a authorization or should accessible as an absolute coffeehouse. Explain your recommendation. 3. Perform a accumulated name chase at this website to actuate if the name Shania is because is accessible for use in the State of Colorado. Additionally appraise whether the name is accessible as a trademark. Alike if the name is available, admonish Shania on whether it is a acceptable choice. Explain why or why not. 4. Admonish Shania on which of the absorbed bodies she should accommodate in her business, why, and in what role(s). If she chooses not to booty in a accurate party, what affidavit should she accord anniversary person, if any? Your assay charge accommodate biblical perspectives, such as biblical considerations of alliance and of business relationships with non-believers. Your cilia charge additionally bea at atomic 1,000 words and chase the guidelines categorical in the Student Expectations.

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