Starting a Business Assignment – due in 24 hours

  Instructions for the assignment: Take some time to analysis altered franchises.  Go to their websites and attending through their amusing media accounts.  Decide on one authorization that you would advance in.  Not all businesses action authorization opportunities, so you may accept to chase through a few altered companies.  Typically, authorization advice is amid on the basal of a company's website.  Answer the afterward questions. 1. a.   Name the business you would advance in.       b.   List their name and website.       c.   Describe the requirements of owning the authorization you mentioned in #1. (financial obligations of net worth, aqueous assets, qualifications, etc.) 2.  Go to The Fish Call (Links to an alien site.)  and booty a attending at the "About Us" articulation beneath "Info."  What is this aggregation about and did you acquisition annihilation hasty about what you read? 3.  Question 1 challenged you to anticipate of a authorization you would accede advance in.  Question 2 had you apprehend about how a business was started with an entrepreneur.  Anticipate of the positives and challenges of owning a authorization against owning your own business.  Would you rather own your own business apart or become a franchisee?  List 3 affidavit acknowledging your decision. Once you accept answered these questions, put calm a business beat (essay) in a Word document.  Document Requirements: Use the Appointment Template.docx to blazon your document.  Font (Times New Roman), chantry admeasurement (12), 1-inch margins and double-spacing is already set up for you.  Your certificate breadth should be about 1-2 pages.  Please analysis over the explanation beneath to accept how you will be graded for this assignment.  Save your beat and abide as a .doc, .docx, or PDF. The appointment charge be submitted as an adapter in .doc, .docx, or .pdf format. Proper grammar, spelling, and punctation is expected.  

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