Start-up Business Plan-Entrepreneurship and Small Business

   Assume yourself as an administrator of a small-scale business in Saudi Arabia. 1. Create a new business, which is amid in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which accommodate the followings:  a. Introduction about your business.  b. Artefact and blazon of services.  c. Business statement.  d. Business vision.  e. Business objective.   2. Explain your business plan.  · What is important to you in your business? · To whom will you bazaar your product? · Describe your Industry: Is it a advance industry? What continued appellation or Short-term changes do you apprehend in the industry? How will your aggregation booty advantage of it? 3. Apply SWOT assay to your business.  Describe your best important aggregation strengths and amount competencies: What factors will accomplish the aggregation succeed? What do you anticipate your above aggressive strengths will be? What accomplishments experience, skills, and strengths do you alone accompany to this new venture?   4. Articles and Services a. Describe in abyss your articles or services. (Technical specifications) b. What factors will accord you aggressive advantages or disadvantages? Examples accommodate akin of affection or different or proprietary features. 5. Business Plan a. Bazaar Research- Why? b. Bazaar Research- How? Primary or Secondary Data? c. In your business plan, be as specific as possible; accord statistics, numbers, and sources. The business plan will be the basis, after on, of the all‐important sales projection. Product • Describe the best important features. What is appropriate about it?  • Describe the benefits. That is, what will the artefact do for the customer? Customer • Identify your targeted customers, their demographics Competition • What articles and companies will attempt with you? • How will your articles or casework analyze with the competition? Strategy • Outline a business Strategy. Promotion • How will you advance your Product? • What will be your promotional budget? Distribution Channels How do you advertise your articles or services?

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