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Start Excel. Open KoKosDeli.xlsx and save the workbook as KoKosDeli_LastName_FirstName.xlsx (Substituting your aboriginal and aftermost name.)\r\n\r\n\r\nMake abiding the Deli Abstracts worksheet is active.\r\n\r\nWhile on the Deli Abstracts worksheet, actualize a custom arrangement that will aboriginal arrangement by Quarter in alphabetical order, again by Weekday starting with Sunday.\r\nSubtotal the abstracts by Quarter to acquisition the absolute sales for Lunches and Dinners. Actualize a folio breach afterwards anniversary Quarter and accept the arbitrary affectation beneath the data.\r\nCollapse the abstracts to alone affectation the Subtotals and the Grand Total. Again acclimatize the cavalcade amplitude of Cavalcade E to 13.00.\r\nOn the Overview Worksheet, actualize a blueprint to actuate the Assets from banknote and the assets from acclaim (E4 and E5). The Assets from acclaim is affected by demography the absolute assets assorted by the allotment of acclaim agenda sales per month. \r\n\r\n\r\nThe Assets from banknote MUST be affected by demography the Absolute assets and adding the Assets from credit.\r\nCalculate the Variable Costs (K4 and K5). Remember to accomplish abiding you add in the amount per bash and the Acclaim Agenda Processing Fees together.\r\n\r\n\r\nCalculate the Net Profit in corpuscle E12.\r\n\r\nUse the ambition seek to actuate the break-even point by alteration the cardinal of sliders sold. Change B4 to the Cardinal formatting with 0 decimal places.\r\nFill in the One-Variable abstracts table by authoritative a advertence to the Absolute Assets in corpuscle B16, the Absolute Variable Costs in Corpuscle C16, and the Net Profit in corpuscle D16.\r\nDisplay the after-effects in the \r\nAccounting architecture with NO decimal places.Change the ethics to affectation the argument ethics for anniversary of the references in beef B16:D16\r\n\r\n B16 should affectation as \r\nTotal income, C16 should affectation as Variable Costs, and D16 should affectation as Net Profit (D16 will affectation as “-Net Profit”)\r\nFill in a alternation beef G16:J16 starting with 3.00 and incrementing by 1.00 stop at 6.00 (This represents the Sales price).\r\nFill in the Two-Variable abstracts table by authoritative a advertence to the \r\nNet Profit in corpuscle F16.Display the after-effects in the accounting architecture with NO decimal places.\r\nChange the amount to affectation the argument ethics for Corpuscle F16 as \r\nSliders Awash (This will affectation as –Sliders Sold).\r\nWhile still on the Overview Worksheet, use the book administrator to add these three scenarios with the alteration beef of $B$4:$B$6:\r\n\r\nName: Best Case B4: 6500 B5: 0.70 B6: 5.25\r\nName: Boilerplate Case B4: 2250 B5: 0.90 B6: 5.00\r\nName: Worst Case B4: 975 B5: 1.10 B6: 4.20Display the arbitrary after-effects of beef \r\nE6, K6, and E12\r\n\r\n Don’t change any ethics on the new Book Arbitrary worksheet \r\nOn the Mortgage worksheet, use the Present Amount Action to actuate the present amount of the loan. Accomplish the after-effects affectation as a absolute amount in Corpuscle A3.\r\n\r\n Use the cardinal of Payments Per Year to acquisition the alternate amount and the Scheduled Cardinal of Payments for the cardinal of periods. Do not ample in the FV or Type AND the abrogating assurance MUST go afore the PV function.\r\nFill in the actual accommodation acquittal table application the actual formulas\r\n\r\n Fill in ALL actual dates by application date function; The absorption cavalcade charge use the IPMT action and the amount MUST acknowledgment a absolute amount with the abrogating assurance afore the function; The assumption cavalcade charge use the PPMT action and the amount MUST acknowledgment a absolute amount with the abrogating assurance afore the function \r\nCalculate the Cumulative Absorption column. You MUST use the CUMIPMT action and the “Type” will be 0 (Make the amount acknowledgment a absolute number).\r\nCalculate the Cumulative Principal column. You MUST use the \r\nCUMPRINC action and the “Type” will be 0 (Make the amount acknowledgment a absolute number).\r\nOn the Agent worksheet, In corpuscle F6, actuate if there is a alternation amid Canicule Absent and agent achievement (Days cavalcade MUST go aboriginal in the formula).\r\nFill in the abundance beef application the abundance function.\r\n\r\nType 8843 in corpuscle E2. \r\nIn corpuscle F2, use an INDEX action with a MATCH action to acquisition out the job achievement of the agent entered in corpuscle E2.\r\n\r\n Index arrangement should accommodate ONLY the abstracts after headers. \r\n\r\nCalculate the # of Advisers with added than 5 canicule absent in corpuscle F15 by application the COUNTIF function.\r\n\r\nFind the boilerplate job achievement from advisers with added than 5 canicule absent in corpuscle F17 by application the AVERAGEIF function. Architecture F17 as a cardinal with 1 decimal place.\r\nSave the file.Make abiding the worksheets are in this order:\r\n\r\nDeli Data, Book Summary, Overview, Mortgage, Agent \r\nSubmit the file.\r\n\r\

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