Professional Capstone Activity   Developing an Evaluation Plan – PAPER # 1 Details: Using 750-1,000 words, altercate methods to appraise the capability of your proposed band-aid and variables to be adjourned back evaluating activity outcomes.  Example: If you are proposing a new staffing cast that is advised to abate assistant turnover, advance nursing agents satisfaction, and absolutely appulse all-embracing commitment of care, you may adjudge the afterward methods and variables are all-important to appraise the capability of your proposed solution: Methods: Survey of agents attitudes and contributors to job achievement and annoyance afore and afterwards initiating change. Obtain about-face ante afore and afterwards initiating change. Compare accommodating acquittal surveys afore change and afterwards admission of change. Variables: Staff attitudes and perceptions. Patient attitudes and perceptions. Rate of nursing agents turnover. Develop the accoutrement all-important to brainwash activity participants and to appraise activity outcomes (surveys, questionnaires, teaching materials, PowerPoint slides, etc.).   APA .no abstract Turnitin - Yes Professional Capstone Activity Disseminating Evidence PAPER # 2 Max Points: 40 Details: Using 250-500 words, abridge your action for disseminating the after-effects of the activity to key stakeholders and to the greater nursing community.  APA no abstruse . Turnitin. - No

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