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The advance is adapted for business and Nan-business majors. The advance objectives are: To accommodate a basal compassionate of bulk administration tasks such as planning, controlling, arch and organizing, and to advance a agnate compassionate of authoritative behavior at the individual, accumulation and authoritative levels. To advance a alive cant apropos these capacity and to become accustomed with theories and concepts apropos them. To accept the appliance of advance concepts to absolute apple administration and authoritative behavior problems. LEARNING TOMES: The acquirements outcomes Of this advance are as follows: You'll accept administration and authoritative behavior analogue and of the basal concepts of thereof. You'll apprentice to analyze and break administration problems, including but not bound to change management, leadership, and motivation. You'll accretion ability of ethical issues generally associated with authoritative situations. You'll accretion ability of all-around & cultural differences in administration and authoritative behavior processes. TEXT & REQUIRED MATERIALS: 1 . Appropriate Textbook: Jones & George, Contemporary Administration Be with "Connect" access, University of Illinois BADLAND Edition, McGraw Hill. ISBN 9781259167645. Attainable at bounded bookstores. 2. Appropriate Admission to McGraw-Hill "Connect" software. This is arranged with new textbooks but can be purchased alone (if you accept alternative admission to a textbook). The internet armpit gives you the befalling to acquirement it anon from McGraw-Hill (this was about $60 in 2014) the aboriginal time you bang on a Affix assignment. Details will be arise in the aboriginal chic and on the advance Compass site. 3. Appropriate clicker. Attainable at ITS and the LLC of I bookstore. Either the aboriginal clicker or the clicker 2 will appointment for this class. NOTE: CLICKER REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED by Feb. 4, 2015. In adjustment to acclaim you with credibility for clicker participation, we accept to apperceive your clicker's Annals by beat the adapted figure on the capital folio of the advance Compass site. You charge annals your clicker on our Compass armpit alike if you additionally registered it elsewhere. 4. Appropriate Harvard Business School Change Administration Simulation. Purchasing and allotment instructions will be acquaint on Compass in mid-semester. Cost -? approve. $12. 5. Abode addendum can be downloaded from Compass site. They will be attainable afore abode in mime for press if you wish. COURSE SCHEDULE: The planned agenda will be acquaint on Compass. Changes may be fabricated to reflect the needs of the class. Any changes will be arise in chic and/or on the advance web armpit (Compass). It is the students' albatross to break acquainted of any changes made. Key dates: Assay 1: Tees Feb. 17, in chic Assay 2: Thru Mar 19, in chic ; Assay 31 Tees May 5, in chic LEARNING APPROACH & HOMEWORK For this BAD 31 0 class, the activities (other than exams) are organized by weeks. In a archetypal anniversary we will awning two capacity in class, and acceptance will omelet altered types of (typically online) appointment accompanying to the chapters. This can be done afore or anon afterwards class. Anniversary anniversary readings will be assigned from the text. Read anniversary affiliate and use the Learners contest to apprentice the actual well. Then, do the alternate contest for the affiliate to accretion added acquaintance with the affiliate concepts. Appointment activities will about be due at 9:30 AM on Tuesday of the anniversary afterwards we awning the material. There is an continued borderline for assignments in the aboriginal week. Assignment due dates are on the Compass web site. 2 GRADING Your final brand in this chic will be bent by your achievement on: Max. Credibility Grading Component 1 . Learners Activities 18 capacity @ 9 credibility each, 2 everyman capacity grades dropped.. 2. Alternate Activities 18 capacity @ -16 credibility each, 2 everyman capacity grades alone 3. Change Administration Simulation AAA. Assay 1 (50 questions, mostly m/c & t/f but some fill-in) b. Assay 2 C. Assay 3 (M) Total Added Acclaim Opportunities A. Optional Analysis Participation, up to 8 added studies @ 10 credibility anniversary B. Clickers, accord in up to 20 classes @ 2 credibility per class. % accepted 144 7% 256 13% 100 500 25% 00% 2000 80 Final grades will be assigned based on the afterward point scale. A 1940+ 1860-1939=A 1800-1859 -A. 1740-1799 B+ 1660-1739=8 1600-1659 c 1540-1599 = C+ 1460-1539 -c 1400-1459 = c- D 1340-1399= D+ 1260-1339 -D 1200-1259 = D 1200 = F Grades will be attainable by countersign on IL Compass g. There are two exceptions: Grades for added acclaim analysis studies will be maintained on the SONS arrangement and will alone be transferred to Compass afterwards the aftermost of the three exams. Grades for the Affix activities (interactive activities and Learners) alteration to Compass ancestor about 1 anniversary afterwards you about-face in the assignment. For your security, grades will not be provided by buzz or email. Because of the admeasurement of the class, brand breakpoints are anchored to advance equity. Acceptance with extenuating affairs which crave them to accept a assertive brand or advance a accurate GAP (e. G. , graduation, accident of a scholarship, University acquittal or suspension, accident of a job offer, abolishment of apprentice Visa, etc. ) charge to apprehend that they are amenable for alive adamantine to accomplish the bare chic grade. Please ask for advice if you see that you are falling abbreviate of the brand that you apprehend or need. We appetite acceptance to accomplish but you charge apperceive that we cannot accomplish exceptions for alone students. Grades can be afflicted alone if we accept fabricated an ascribe or adding error. It is important that you analysis your chic grades and anon acquaint us of any discrepancies. 3 Grading Components Learners Learners appointment assignments are allotment of Connect, McGraw Hill's online acquirements platform. Learners is basically an "intelligent cyberbanking beam agenda system. The arrangement asks assorted choice, fill-in, and alternative quick questions. The "intelligence" is that if there is a affair you accept adversity with, the arrangement ends to admission the cardinal of questions so as to advice you accompany your ability up to par. The pedagogical purpose of these contest is primarily to analysis the affiliate concepts from abode and your reading. We acclaim you do the Learners activities for the affiliate afore the alternate exercises, as acquaintance with the concepts will acceleration your work. Learners is advised as "mastery' exercises. The added cards you do, the academy your account gets until it says you accept completed the exercise, whereupon you get abounding credit. The contest are set so that McGraw-Hill estimates the boilerplate apprentice can accretion abounding acclaim with 30 account of appointment (and alarm us biased, but we are assured every IS of I apprentice is aloft the boilerplate apprentice in McGraw Hill's book). But, you can appointment on the activities for as continued as bare to accomplish the account you want. It should be accessible for all acceptance who are accommodating to absorb the time, to accomplish array abreast 100% on these exercises. Additionally, we bead your everyman two chapters' array at the end of the semester. Learners gives no acclaim for backward submissions. To alpha alive with Learners, analysis the Compass site. If you accept agitation accepting access, amuse acquaintance McGraw-Hill aboriginal (phone # and web abode on Compass). If McGraw Hill is clumsy to boldness the affair your abutting footfall is to acquaintance your teaching assistant. Amuse put the Mcgraw Hill account admission # in the email in case we charge to alike with them. The Learners contest are commonly due at 9:AMA on the Tuesday of the anniversary afterwards the affiliate was covered. Due dates will arise on Compass, and the Affix web armpit has agenda and brand functionality that lets you clue back assignments are due and how you accept done on them. Con next" Alternate Activities "Connect" appointment assignments comprise one to three bashful alternate contest for anniversary of the 18 capacity in the argument Some of these are "drag and drop" contest which bulk to a analogous bold area you affix a specific bearings with a affiliate concept. Others are video contest in which you acknowledgment several assorted best questions that accent affiliate concepts as you appearance the video, and again acknowledgment some abstraction analysis questions at the end. The pedagogical purpose of these contest is to advice you become accustomed with applying the affiliate concepts from abode and our reading. We acclaim you do the Learners activities for the affiliate afore the alternate exercises, as acquaintance with the concepts will acceleration your work. These contest are advised as "mastery/' exercises. That is, they are set up so all acceptance can adept the material. This is done by acceptance you three tries at anniversary exercise and demography alone the accomplished score. You are additionally accustomed to advertence the arbiter and addendum as you appointment through the exercises. Acceptance who are accommodating to absorb the time should accomplish array abreast 100% on these exercises. Additionally, we bead your sweets two chapters' array at the end of the semester. Anniversary day you are backward in appointment after-effects in a 20% penalty. 4 To alpha alive with the alternate activities, analysis the Compass armpit for an introduction. Tutorials are available. If you accept agitation accepting admission or alive with the alternate exercises, amuse acquaintance McGraw-Hill aboriginal (link on Compass). If McGraw Hill is clumsy to boldness the affair your abutting footfall is to acquaintance your teaching assistant. Amuse put the McGraw-Hill account admission # in the email in case we charge to alike with them. The alternate contest re commonly due at 9:30 AM on the Tuesday of the anniversary afterwards the affiliate was covered. Due dates will arise on Compass, and the Affix web armpit has agenda and brand functionality that lets you clue back assignments are due and how you accept scored. IMPORTANT: In adjustment to be as fair as accessible to anybody in the class, deadlines for alternate activities and Learners accept to be enforced. Amuse DO NOT delay until the aftermost minute. If you delay until the deadline, issues such as affliction or problems with the University server ability accomplish it absurd for you to complete the assignments. Change Administration Simulation (SMS) Abreast the end of the semester, all acceptance will participate in a simulation of an authoritative change action appear through Harvard Business School publishing. The simulation challenges you to access abutment amid your company's administration for an avant-garde idea. The simulation plays like a game, and acceptance accept begin it actual engaging. We achievement that you acquisition that simulation not alone interesting, but a able acquirements acquaintance area you see the after-effects of able and abortive appliance of advance concepts. IMPORTANT: You will charge to annals and acquirement the change administration simulation through the Harvard web armpit afore we alpha the simulation. Instructions will be acquaint on Compass, apparently in aboriginal to mid April. Announcements about this will be fabricated in class. Exams There are three exams in the course. Anniversary assay covers the actual from one of the three genitalia of the advance and consists of about 50 questions. Best are assorted best and true/false questions, but some are abbreviate backup (e. G. , definitions, identification of concepts). Actual on the assay is fatigued allowance the textbook, chic abode and alternative assigned materials. The exams are closed-book and are accustomed in chic at the consistently appointed chic time. Specific Assay Policies: ; Indicate your assay answers on both your assay archetype and on your acknowledgment (bubble) sheet. Both are calm back you leave. Your balloon area answers are what we charge use, but if for some acumen it is absent or cacographic we may accredit to the assay copy. If you do not about-face in an acknowledgment area or a apparent assay copy, you commonly cannot accept any acclaim for the exam. Plan on actual in the classroom for at atomic account during assay days. Bring a #2 pencil to chic and use it to ample out the exam. Accompany a photo ID to all exams as the admeasurement of the chic requires that we analysis IDs. 5 Dictionaries and cyberbanking accessories (calculators, dictionaries and translators) are not acceptable during exams, on the advocacy of the academy deans. We will acknowledgment questions about chat meanings that are not accompanying to chic concepts. Added assay behavior and procedures may be discussed in class. Battle Exams ; Exams are taken alone at the consistently appointed time except back contest above your ascendancy anticipate you from accomplishing so. The best accepted exceptions are for absolved absences (e. G. , affliction or injury, ancestors emergency, university accustomed events) and out of-town job interviews. Amuse ask if you accept an abnormal situation. With accustomed exceptions you are able to booty the battle assay which has the aforementioned architecture as the approved exam. You MUST acquaint us IN ADVANCE if you charge to booty the makeup/ battle exam. Email to the advance email (see Compass). Failure to do so (unless you are physically clumsy to email) will aftereffect in an automated aught for the exam. Affidavit is appropriate to booty the makeup/conflict exam. For illness, injury, or ancestors emergency, amuse access an official absolved absence letter from the Dean of Acceptance Office. The Dean of Acceptance appointment is at 300 Apprentice Services Building, 61 0 East John, 333-0050. For alternative situations analysis with the assistant apropos appropriate documentation. Added Acclaim There are two primary sources of added credit: Accord credibility through application the clickers and accord in analysis studies that brings acknowledgment to the analysis process. "Clicker" Accord Credibility We use "clickers" to accomplish lectures added participative and engaging.

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